When You Know, You Just Know

Didn’t take to long to gather the attorney’s regarding the Bogalusa, Gaylord Chemical Release as noted by the Hinds County signing.


Guess it was a good thing to study scripture. Being warned by Matthew regarding the behaviour of evil people it was a matter of surviving the injuries shaking off the loss and facing the attacks. Not your normal court action lawsuit. It became a matter of collecting documents. That wasn’t easy, after all do most people understand the degree of hate placed against us? High five and pat my back.  As always when our child is taken some kind of action regarding the hundreds of million extorted of us is being messed with. And as always our phone is cut off like there’s a problem and we’re followed around by law enforcement cars from serounding countys, etc….

 “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”


IT ISN’T THE MONEY, IT’S THE EVIL.  hey, loose cannons of evil meet loose cannon of good. But in all honesty this is serious folks. Since folks reading this aren’t the actual victims please note. Every swinging prick with uncle sam stamped on their ass seems to have a run of various offensive problematic applications to  altering our otherwise un-normal life.

You’d think with proof this is an extortion, crime and evil acts it would be a good thing for all to just call it a day. The matters of our child we’re shown to be a set-up and threatened force guilty plea and still the good old boys want is all their way like spoiled brats. But then what would you expect from a bunch of cow fucking morons??

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