Modern Day Warriors : Present day realities


Keeping The Reality of These Events: Let’s remember to look beyond the material and physical world here. There is no understanding of the reason or cause with what was gained in awards to deny relief to a legal cause such as this one. Our knowledge of the crimes we will share but just don’t forget the actual cause of these actions that being Satan.

Why Mississippi: Why do we remain in Mississippi? With the world in the hands of the wicked one where would anyone go? Move to another state just to be murdered by those making false claims ie., once in another state if we are found dead with, say drugs scattered about the people there wouldn’t know the real reason we were murdered. The only thing moving might provide would be a transfer of a cause which has violated every law of civil and property right known. Our stand against Satan will be here.

Identity Thieves : If you read Mr. Stringer’s deposition he plays off his life as a saint. He tells the court of how he cared for his health along with constant coffee drinking and a history of smoking. He goes on to say he was a daily jogger. These were all the beginning of stealing my identity. Which is supportive of present law.


Who are these people ?  Let me begin by saying our child after leaving her safety to be with her drug addict friends one day was arrested the very next day. We can see Satan’s demons working both sides of the demonic road here. Why would drug addicts inform the law of her? Because the demon’s which speak to one also speaks to the other. They are one and the same, children of the Devil.  She was transported to Rankin prison yesterday. Remember the MDOC action recently named and posted What Now was supposed to incarcerate Jane and I as well.

This morning we received a call from the jail stating her belongings were ready for us to come and pick up. After 20 minutes and odd calls being made from behind the counter we decided to leave. As we began to exit her bible was brought to us and we were asked to wait just a little longer they were checking on the rest of her stuff. Ten minutes more and another call was enough to see something else was up.

We were followed outside and almost begged to wait. But I had enough. Mam, I said these various buildings, mini malls and other improvement in this county and possibly others were most likely paid by a lawsuit into the hundreds of millions which belongs to us. Our child was incarcerated because of that and it appears that being asked to remain here seems to have more to do with us then collecting our childs belongings. Good day.

There are only two types of people on the earth. All will be known by their fruit, that’s the works they do. This will tell if they are the children of God or the children of the Devil. Jerry Stringer was a drunk most of life. There where times the beatings he gave my mother could have been the cause of her mental condition. Yet as you know reading here my mother isn’t a saint either. Wanting us dead for the hundreds of millions stolen are local, state and federal officials who have directed all we had in possession to their own. Do any of these people, and it’s pretty much the world realize what they are doing other than its criminal?  I bet some do.

When we hear of earthquakes, wars and general up rising some of us praise God. This will be the last thing before an evident division of God’s children and that of the Devil’s. The very ones doing the things of evil who brought one world monetary system are the ones who will bring about a one and only man who they believe will have all the answer to the problems these lying thieves are creating. Be looking for him.

These thieves will think he is the one which will right their wrongs. That he will correct their crimes and all they have stolen will stay intact and it will at first but then. They will learn they were deceived as they have deceived others. Now how could we know this? It’s all been written.

4People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?”  Whoever has ears, let them hear.

 10 “If anyone is to go into captivity,
   into captivity they will go.
If anyone is to be killed[c] with the sword,
   with the sword they will be killed.”[d]

   This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.


Look Again: Many Bible scholars agree that the turning point was the fact once divided the people of Israel were again united in 1948. The Bible teaches this generation will not pass before all things in the Bible are fulfilled. How long is a generation ?   ___________________________________________________________

Genesis 6  “My Spirit will not contend with[a] humans forever, for they are mortal[b]; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

Classvictim: 1948 + 120 = 2068. Remember no one knows the day and hour but the signs of the time will be evident. The reason no one but God will know this is because it is all caused by mankind. Here is what makes for the unknown day and hour. So anyone who may know this might feel they have a run of corruption promoting their wealth until that time, no.  For the sake of some these days will be shortened. Which means as of 2011 there remains 67 years in which many, many fulfillment must occur. This two shortens the time. Where are we? NEAR!


 I’m taking bids here. That our own government has become utterly corrupted is no surprise. Are there any surprises left ? Not if your eyes see and your ears hear. We have posted crime upon crimes and sin’s upon sin. So why won’t it stop and why isn’t there much interest from the American Capital? Well unless you read and understand the word of God you would think it’s all going to get better but it won’t. Not till the child of Satan rules first to gain authority then to kill all of mankind he can. The beast spoken of here is world government it has over taken law and who can fight against it. It’s power or authority to do this comes from the Devil.

Sadly we ask that our readers understand our search for Bible truths began long before any of this lawsuit stuff started. My step dad and their family know this. It was one reason some of them didn’t like us.


 The present man of evil hearing demons causing harm are the same demons speaking to the conscience of our rulers in government. The Devil has it both ways. The evil done to the people of the earth not just in this county is a set and fixed deal. The only question remains is which side of the unseen spiritual battle are you on.

I’ll retun to posting the events of those rulers of Marion County of past hope you can join us. Stay tune for : Greasing The Tracks: A history of false arrest.

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