A little on April our daughter. She gave care to the wind and was arrested yesterday. This morning on the 13th’ of October 2011 we were informed MDOC was going to have her transferred to Rankin County. No surprise that Masonic 13th, horse shit doesn’t surprise anyone at this point except to say it is being done by a special interest because no one at the jail has heard anything about any transports to Rankin prison. Just know this, kill her and the grave expense is yours we have no need for the body. Now let’s move on here.

Since applying knowledge gives the understanding that many folks just don’t have time for the word of God in their life I’m not going to transfer this site into a bible based form. That would be like this. I will say this though my cousin wasn’t the only person murdered in these parts which regardless the facts which proves this. No one is either interested or cares about that. So what’s the chance other murders will be given any thought to. That always depends in who was involved. I could never understand the fear of these idiots. There was a time I’d drive my car through someone house and shoot the fuck out the whole damned bunch in it. Get-em while they sleep. Not getting involved I understand, but now they wish to apply this dumb shit on me. And it’s on.

Homie don’t play that shit. I’m going to write a name here Kimberly Rowell, she was murdered in a school yard in Columbia. Her bullet riddled body was shot with a nine millimeter. The murderer unloaded on her. Her clothes were folded nice and neat and placed together near her body. Now that’s interesting because I’m about to show all of you how much fear I have of a group of hillbilly long time life long corrupted and money greedy ass holes. Now you boys and girls up in Jackson pay attention these folks down this way are your companions in crime against my family.

When I returned at 17 to reunite with my wife in marriage I was employed by an uncle of the Sheriff before he got that office. At that time he was a deputy. This person’s bank account will confirm my employment. Here’s some initials. D.G.S. That’s D like in Duck and we all know his first name don’t we?  What is interesting is he confided in me about his adulterous life style. His actions were known to his wife.

In fact he claim the husbands of the women were at times involved. He explained how  he would watch women undress and fold their clothes placing them aside as they did so. Add to wit I had never seen people obsessed with wanting to kill someone and get away with it like this bunch. Not militarily, the younger family members admitted claiming they were racists, which they highly are and for that reason they were rejected from service. They just wanted to get away with murder, and guess what?

Anyways Rip Stringer becomes Sheriff, his uncle was hired by him. His big head got bigger. His nephew was the Sheriff and he was given a nine millimeter pistol which he couldn’t brag on enough. Then this murder of Kimberly occurred. The description of the sence was given. Boom, my cousin and I held certainty we knew who done it. D.G.S. The evidence was right there. Spent shells no doubt finger prints but no arrest.

D.G.S.’s wife leaves him and during this time he pays a visit to his brother my step dad. Well we couldn’t just think we were right.  So we went over to again see this wonderful gun given him by the Sheriff. Hey man where’s that 9mm of yours I wanted you to show it to Morris again. What gun was his reply. The only gun I ever had is my 38 special that’s all I need. Hello!!! 

For years they tried to hang this murder on a Mr. Polk who by the way was shot and killed recently by law enforcement on the same date his dad killed two officers years ago.  My step brother tells me he was offered things as well total freedom if he would kill Mr. Polk on behalf the Sheriff. They were going to use a boat to claim that the head shot was an accident. Nice little town you have here.

 Now you boys wanna play? To an extent I’m in.  Barring what happen to Tina Merit, and those other bodies spoken of or even how Mr. Pounds son was killed in a car wreak.  Which was caused by a push from a RIP Stringer Sheriff’s car. My friend in that event informed me of what occurred. Like every other thing in-where the law is wrong here in Marion County, Mississippi the victim gets incarcerated to shut them up. But stay tuned there’s always more.

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One Response to AND IT’S ON

  1. Robert says:

    Confession I’ve never drove my car through a house yet. Have friends who did. The nearest to doing this was dealing with a drunk who was all so powerful one night threatening me. His hung over ass toted one more hell of an ass whipping when I woke him up in his bed in his house. He wasn’t so damned hot shit with me anymore.

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