Let’s Talk Organized Drug Dealing


MARION COUNTY, MS (WDAM) –  A weekend-long drug raid left 22 individuals behind bars, and more arrests to come.

According to Marion County Sheriff Berkley Hall, the drug raid is the result of several months of an undercover drug investigation. Hall says thanks to the Pearl River Basin Narcotics Task Force, they were able to make 22 arrests of those selling marijuana, crack cocaine and various pills.

Hall says the arrests started Saturday morning and continued through Monday morning. All 22 appeared in justice court Monday afternoon for their initial appearances, and bonds were ranged from $50,000 to $300,000.

Several of the suspects were arrested for selling drugs within 1,500 feet of a church or school. Hall says the drug problem is becoming an epidemic, and the presence of one drug in particular is getting worse.

“I feel like if we don’t keep chipping away at it, it’s going to take over. I have been in law enforcement for a long time, and I see it getting worse everyday. The pills are the ones that’s really come forward. There is starting to be a lot more of that going on,” said Hall.


 Let me tell you all a little story, a true story. My family moving to Louisiana had much to do with the drug problem in Marion County and my inside knowledge of Richard ( RIP) Stringer then Sheriff of said county. Those martial combat training activities of mine caught the Sheriffs one eye. I was asked to become an informant and given my target. Not to be rude and although it’s something I was interested in I said I’d think about it. That was till my contacts informed me that the Sheriffs was holding regular meetings with the very dealer, my target. Once confirmed I was left to understand like a lot of people this RIP ass hole wanted dead I was one of them.

Before this would lay there would have to be the face to face that had to happen. So instead of his target I picked one of my own. A young women named Ruby brought here to Marion county from Michigan. Her job was drug dealer. I picked her because those who stole from me had taken the funds to Ruby for their crack. In one week I had names address and related suppliers. Over and over there was no way this wasn’t know by the Sheriff so I handed him his own dealer. 

So one day I made my move. To Sheriff Stringer I gave all this imformation and added, so let’s go get this bitch. But no, it wasn’t like that at all. Mr Stringer then informed me that he wasn’t going to do anything. He went on to tell me that the Government was selling crack cocain to the citizen’s of Marion county to see what it would do to them. More like filling his pocket with money. So yeah, it was time to move away just across the stateline. I was going to watch this shit.

When the Gaylord bull-shit started and we were able to escape Bogalusa’s Corporate City shit and return to Marion County the Sheriff was more than happy to aid the attorney’s extortion of our awards but that killing us shit is just that. I know who the real dealer is and you best stay the fuck away. Here’s a story from another victim of the Marion County drug dealers from:

More Thuggery from the Pearl River Basin Narcotics Task Force

http://www.democraticunderground.com   _________________________________________________________

Long story short: On July 2nd, one day after this new law went into effect, an off-duty member of the Pearl River Drug Task Force came in to my store and raised hell about the Sudafed Liqui-Gels on the shelves. He removed them, and dumped them on the pharmacy counter. He then told my pharmacy technician that we were in violation of the law, and that he was a DEA agent. We reread the regulations, concluded he was wrong, and put the products back on the shelf.

Mr. off-duty cop then came back into the store, saw what we had done, and threw a fit. At this point, as pharmacy manager, I decided to get involved. We gowent and forth. I showed him a copy of the regulations, at which point he threatened to “turn in” the store manager to the State Attorney General for her “attitude”. Fed up, I replied, “Get the hell out of my store before I call somebody.”

He told me I’d be going to jail. He briefly left, then returned with a uniformed cop. They handcuffed me, roughed me up, shoved me through the store, and took me to jail. I informed him from the beginning that the law requierd me to close the pharmacy. He responded with, “Shut up, boy.” The pharmacy was left open with only a technician present, a felony in Mississippi.

I was not read any Miranda rights, never saw a badge until the 2nd cop appeared, had numerous bruises on my left arm, both wrists, and my right shoulder was displaced (I managed to correct this while lying on the concrete bunk in the jail).

I spent 3.5 hours in jail before my father bailed me out, and I came back to work.

I have had 2 speeding tickets in my 39 years on planet Earth. Nothing else, until now. I am a family man with 2 daughters. I’m a practicing Southern Baptist and a die-hard Republican, (until now). I do wear my hair long and play drums (which equates to Satanism here in good old Mississippi), and I did marry one of those New Orleans girls (also not looked upon favorably).


I was born in New Orleans and know well what this person is saying about this good ole Mississippi. I haven’t always been a sheep and it’s hard putting up with the dumb shit. With all certainty I’ve change yet I don’t fear these ass holes. To my knowledge Mr. Stringer is the director of the Pearl River Task Force but it isn’t publicized very much. I decide once to run for Sheriff here, I was will ing to fill any son of a bitch with as much lead as it took to stop this shit and I was willing to do it till I was filled with lead myself.  Were there any actions against these wrong doings? Oh yeah but it’s  all the same judges in the Gaylord Stuff dismissing the complaints. One big package. Now you folks paying us visit’s from the DOJ and D.H.S. that your so busy buying doughnuts and selling guns to Mexican’s to get to this now it’s OK, by the time should you make it this way I’ll keep filling your plate cause I haven’t said shit yet. More to come!


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3 Responses to Let’s Talk Organized Drug Dealing

  1. Robert Marie says:

    Hum, just in time for those chemical release checks. Timing is everything.

  2. Robert Marie says:

    Let’s see the crack dollars go to the cocain and crack sellers yes you know who you are but the pill money goes to the person with the pills. No wonder the pills are a problem. Yeah, the ole Marion County drug profit’s just ain’t what they use to be. So what now just shut down the drug stores and push the coke?

  3. I am typically to running a blog and i actually recognize your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your website and hold checking for brand spanking new information.

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