Life In The Fa$t Lane

Notice the title of this blog. Here’s a brief of events, and Yo, it looks a lot like terrorist activity. Officers with the Mississippi Department of Corrections arrived at our residence 9/24/2011 and asked where our child was. I told them she just left with her grandmother and wife. They immediately left to run them down. They caught up with my mother and wife in a public store and questioned her. She stated that our child had gotten out of the car in the front of a nearby trailer park. After checking in several places they came back to our place. 

They returned to say we had lied or to the least my wife did. You calling my wife a liar? That’s when he began threatening me saying we would be arrested for aiding and abetting a convicted felon. We had so much time to bring her in or else. The children would have DHS called if needed and we would have to wait on a judge to make bail. Oh, please isn’t there enough shit to go around to any other cause.

Damned Cuz, after being told to tell April to call her you Mr. P.O. should we see her. What the hell was the charge again? And with regards to D.H.S. the last time that dog was put on us the case worker admitted that she and her co-workers were members of the Gaylord release class-action here in Mississippi. You remember that don’t you?

As far as this assistance of food and having been issued three case workers in our four months of receiving food assistance and an unwillingness by D.H.S. to return or respond to inquires we made, well that has caused us to dismiss this aid. Are they all class clients as well? Furthermore, it’s been months since the adoption of the kids was supposed to be completed. However as we were informed by the attorney handling that matter that we are still awaiting something in the form of approval by the state. If you’re looking for a crook buy a mirror. To the least it is certainly state action the cause of these effects.

Watch how this all turns on a very basic fact. Corporate negligence and a big load of money. Mr. Carney claims he was trying to be fair. FAIR, my response was he should go look at the record. We were set up and back stabbed by family members who were employed by the state, all of it over stealing lawsuit money which belongs to us and even if the state officials got my mother and step-dad to back-stab us I wasn’t the type to do such a thing to my child. Place this with swicthed ssn# and your medicade fraud.

In conclusion the only thing I know of is that any action to have us arrested, imprisoned or killed in Mississippi has to do with the hundreds of millions of dollars elected officials are stealing from the awards we gained before the Hinds County Court In The State Of Mississippi. Civil actions Marie V. Vicksburg 251-98-1061 and McKenna 251-96-493 That’s all I’ll ever know.

As to the last Sheriff of Marion county go ask him why a young girl shot and killed in a school yard was never solved. Like back in 1995 before Gaylord and a friend of mine with others witnessed a beating by officers in which my shoulder was dislocated. After my release all prisoners were transported to the MDOC and within a few days this friend was dead. Claiming he had a heart attack his family questioned his closed coffin. Some was saying it was better for his mother to remember him as he was.

Here’s what I know: Lawyers were big on suing for a victim back then. The charges which came with the beatings included an accusation that I had started a jail riot. That all sorts of property was destroyed and a fight broke out among officers and the inmates.

Here’s what I heard: Insiders said my friend had informed the Sheriff that if I sought a legal action against the Sheriff’s department he would witness on my behalf. One person claimed an individual was given crack cocaine to beat my friend but got carried away causing massive head injuries.


Today’s Scripture:

The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. Where then did the weeds come from?’

” `An enemy did this,’ he replied. Jesus explains the parable for us in Matthew, verses 37-43. The good seeds are the disciples, spread by Jesus throughout the world. The weeds are bad people, spread by the devil. The bad people are mixed in with the good, and this is what the kingdom of God is like.  There will come a judgment and the weeds will be removed from the kingdom.

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