Outside The Court At Present Pt.1

Love this picture! Now let us employ the cutting torches! Junk iron prices are up.

I think it unfair to not explain a little more about the dark side or events which contributed to the present situation. I’ve written first about being ejected by threats and actions from the court and state officials to not take any legal action against the corporations involved and secondly how we were used by the same courts and officials to gain all awards to their proven fraudulent class-actions before the court.

So what’s it like living in a state which removes and excludes your rights along with its entire court circuit system.  A state where medical attention is denied because your conditions doesn’t support the claimed condition of a fraudulent class. A state which only holds to a though that going long is the answer to stealing hundreds of millions as going long should produce the death of the owners. The thinking is flawed. The ultimate long-term investment would be made with an action lasting an eternity.

Consider the many issue’s with the theft of these awards. A trial as well an appeal ruled merit-less as its cause to channel money to the court and corporate attorney as the fraud continues. The state and court knows who the awards belong to but refuse its release to the proper owners. By their [ the courts ] agreements to commit fraud every legal right of redress is removed even after the facts. What kind of crimes are we stating? Well.

What would happen if you intentionally released toxins into the atmosphere poisoned and destroyed someone’s home? Caused them injury to the extent with all certainty you had caused their death.  Yet, any fear at this point is comforted by the corporate agreements with money from their attorneys to the state and its court to cover the entire event. This has come to include kidnapping, count-less arrest and some beatings and little doubt a murdered cousin. All for the money which could be had from the Gaylord event. The number of real victims are few that the actual victims are used to accept the first offer of money. The greatest assumption of death reinforces it’s OK to pursue the criminal intent. A failed trial places all awards upon those who are assumed will die. The time of life expectancy five years from exposure.

The event occurred October 1995, as of September 2011 I’m left to support family members who once sought my death with attorneys. Mr. Stringer whose deposition is page posted died in 2009. Attorneys in Marion county were made involved when my mother [ more on this bitch in pt.2 ] wanted money belonging to Mr. Stringer after his death, which was being sent to my step-brother Ray Stringer. Alice Stringer sought to gain money in another matter by divorcing my step-dad, as such the money would go to Ray. Monetary insanity best describes my mother and step-dad and pretty much his whole family. Ray is simply a victim of use like us and has repeatedly stated he held no part to the many actions to harm us. He has never had any interest to the courts horse-shit. He accepts me as his brother as I accept him as my brother. Now let’s deal with reality and facts. The program is to drive the owners of the awards over the line in hopes for an eternal end such as prison or the grave. The more direct attacks have subsided for now but the beat goes on.

The money which was to be sent to Ray after Mr. Stringer’s death is being sought for by Alice, who has tied up any relief to him in local attorney actions. Just what all that implies isn’t clear, it’s pretty much the same shit just a different day. There are however some problems with this. Attorneys after first filing in regards to an estate of Mr. Stringer, it appears to be in question just where that estate is. Mr. Stringer died with a sizable unpaid mortgage to land he claimed by odd agreements to obtain money.  The state moves to gain $ 18 million in medicade. Again through fraud. Oddly, attorneys are said to be working with the state in continued collection with some sort of use of Mr. Stringer three years deceased. I recall attorney’s had intentionally changed social security numbers to hide certain actions as well suggesting the shit hole is deep.

2011 September the state continues to hold our child by a kidnapped claimed custody. We reside in a home purchased by my parents with award money. The amounts gain by my parents have come into question. To my knowledge that amount was $ 180,000 dollars. There is no way any is left due the obvious illresponsablity or like of my parents to ever be debt free. The entire family lives on the same property. Asked by my mother what others might think of the amounts paid to my parents compared to others getting $ 8.00 or maybe $ 30.00. My response was that for those who didn’t know wonder was abound. But for those who knew, it was a willingness to promote the death of your own child by her and my step-dad.  Money paid for attorneys to back-stab another person. Nothing more or less.

Don’t think for a minute the action to cause trouble or harm to us has ended. Just yesterday the law-enforcement and an ambulance was called to our resident. That this has gone on for years now everyone understands my mothers insanity and her relation to attorneys and officials protecting her behavior to constantly cause trouble. This trouble was rewarded in the past and is assumed to be repeated. The only ones more insane are the attorneys and judges. Knowing what is going on local responders are just doing their job. More of the ongoing actions outside the court in Pt. 2

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