Birds Of Prey: Ass Licking Story pt.3 Revised A SPECIAL EDITION

In 2002 while standing outside talking to members of the church, who I’m certain held claims to the lawsuit a helicopter much like the one shown here [ if it isn’t blocked from publishing ] flew over our home. It After a military type maneuver it hung a hard right turn and returned. If came to a halt hovering about 30 feet off the deck and maybe 50 yards to the South of where we lived. The church members said they didn’t know what was going on but it didn’t involve them. Ha ha ha. They were right. That $ 50 dollar catch every channel dish card for months was about to take a hit, and it did.Their little satellite type deal pointed at my satellite and BAM! So much for that magic.

So the night before the recent chemical release from the mill that kills was made public I was sitting outside admiring the night sky when a C-130 transport plane flew over. It couldn’t have been more than 1000 or maybe 1500 feet. For all the years living here I’ve never see a craft this big passing where this one had just passed. No doubt it stuck me odd as I informed my wife.

The last time one of these babies made a low slow flight was over our home in Angie after attorneys insisted it was safe to live in. The bird had some kind of box to the right under its wing. Anyways the morning of the public announcement our computer had failure after failure of tasks and all photos and documents are gone. At this time everything done takes at least three times longer to do.  Corporate Government Conspiracy that is what others have said. But really I think more ass licking political favors most likely with a contribution.   ________________________________________________________

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  1. classvictim says:

    Please over look the typo’s still dealing with computer woes.

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