THE MILL THAT KILLS IS STILL

Temple Inland officials said Sunday that no timetable has been set to reopen the paper mill and that a discharge may have caused the massive fish kill in the Pearl River this past weekend.

I’d like to say I told everyone if you turn your head away at what was done to us. They will do it again to others. GAYBOGALORD. ie Gaylord Inland owns this town. You laugh at us. We laugh at you. Hope you all like your fish and water a la DMSO.

Let’s recall the paper manufacture was just one of the reasons we were threaten. Stated to have $500 billion in insurance attorneys took a deal. In return from preventing the Marie’s any action against this defendant ( who just fixed your shit ) attorneys could divide money from the other companies.  And that was the deal. Even when we were used to gain all awards it was still the deal. We were never allowed anything, NOT A FUCKING THING.  And now it looks like it’s your turn.  Tell you what use some of that fraud money from the 1995 release and move on.

First I vent. See what happens when you let the corporations break the law then act like it needs to be treated like a person when being sued. How I would just love to say things. But I’m nothing like that mean spirited victim I once was, having all those nightmares of revenge. But let’s take it a little slower.  When it really gets bad, money will be as worthless as gold. Think about it the next time your hungry or need a drink of water. Just maybe enough will be destroyed you’ll regret not allowing them to be sued. Oh, and get ready for the ride. DMSO ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

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