Hey Look, I see an ambulance! As I recalled one attorney wanting to sue BP. for damage to sea-life creatures. Here you go, you stupid fuck here’s your lead plaintiff and some logistics just look down your nose. But remember it’s the paper manufacture.

Thousands of dead and dying fish of various types, including generally hard to kill catfish, are floating and clumping in big, smelly piles along the banks of the Pearl River from north of Poole’s Bluff to at least 30 miles south into St. Tammany Parish, according to boater reports.

The Story:  As a result of operating issues at our Bogalusa paper mill predictive testing for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (Bod) indicates we may have exceeded our maximum daily permit levels for discharge to the Pearl River. This discharge could have lowered dissolved oxygen levels in the Pearl River below those required to sustain a healthy fish population.

The Department of Environmental Quality ( for a cut )  is investigating the cause of the fish kill. A widespread area of the Pearl River has turned black and is covered with foam. Sources have confirmed that a byproduct known as black liquor has been flowing from the plant into the river. Research indicates that black liquor is a waste product (DMSO ) from the process that is used when turning pulpwood into paper pulp.

Several sources confirmed that there was an unplanned shutdown at Temple Inland this past week and that as a result chemicals leaked into the Pearl River. Thousands of dead fish are floating along a section in the Pearl River from north of Poole’s Bluff southward along at least a 30-mile stretch into St. Tammany Parish and southern Mississippi. And look Mississippi was actually involved this time. Happy happy joy

THE ASS LICKING: That’s corporate ass licking. Parish President Richard Thomas said he does not believe the shutdown will have a negative impact on the parish’s fragile economy. “I don’t foresee anything like that,” he said. A meeting that involved government officials from Washington and St. Tammany parishes as well as Pearl River County, Miss., wrapped up a short time ago. The Daily News website will have details of that meeting posted short. Wildlife and Fisheries spokesperson Olivia Watkins says the fish kill could be caused by a lack of oxygen resulting from increased algae growth due to high temperature$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Aw ….

DMSO : They just can’t admit mishandling this killer of a bitch. Now excuse me while I turn my ass to this dumb shit. Should they seek a cause before a court the DMSO will probably be distorted as it was before. The good news the fish are fucked up to the point the attorneys aren’t a threat. Money, money, money. Not this day and age. I can understand the mind set of the state controlled and bought for officials.


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