The Origins Of A Worthless Order And How It Manifest Magic And Money

Ha, yeah right!

This is the recorded criminal process of excluding the worst harmed victims of an environmental disaster their legal rights. Alone with the rewriting of events and a fraudulent joinder of class claims for payment here’s how the infamous order came about.

For starters, let’s understand that this created class joinder did more than just channel money to attorneys,  judges and politicians. Its double action was also supposed to protect the corporate negligence  as well. For the first year after this release the chemical released was only refered to as Nitrogen Tetroxide.  That’s like calling gas, water.


Dinitrogen Tetroxide : One of the attorneys who thought he wanted this case stated that those folks he spoke with who wear those hooded suits told him. That if the actual chemical was what we said it was. They didn’t even want to get around our place. Is that right?  So when did the court of law and justice know? 

Let us follow the events from 1996 and 1997 unto attorneys only hope,  Judge Graves  January 1998 order.  The best way to present this is to cut through the bull shit. Meaning,  what was admitted to and known to by the corporations, attorneys, the court and when.

I think I’ll put this in the form of questions and answers. We’re speaking of a court of law and justice here. All parties have taken oaths to abide by law. To the least they shouldn’t promote actions to injure others. The facts could have ended the bull. I mean come on.  


So when did this court know what the actual chemical in the tank car was or its dangers. Well that would be right there on exhibits 1 & 2 listed on the [ Bill of Lading ]

 Attorneys had backed away from their offer and placed us in trial actions. This in turn denied us all our civil rights. The need to report the home begins. When did we again report our home damage by the actual chemicals known to the court? [ Gaylord Questions ]

By December 1996 nothing. It’s been a year and nothing but threats to be silent. Jane has to get it on record and she does. Guess when? That was in the Deposition of Rebecca Marie December 18th, 1996

At this point our best was done. Everyone involved knew what happen and knew this home was dangerous. If this attorney didn’t want the job representing us I’d get one who did. But can you say hijacked.  Letters firing the Law Firm of Sacks & Smith.

 Somewhere here was the actions to start a NewKirk cause for the channeling through of my awards as Jane’s were done in McKenna. What makes me think this? They agreed to aid us so we returned.  Check from the Law Firm of Sacks & Smith

Just when you think all will be fine. Your attorney aided with rental cost has completed your discoveries and were good to go!!  But No now your attorney wants you put away. Guess there is still the matter of a joiner actions.

My child was offered the moon and provoked me to switch her. The medical report indicated the three marks on her calves, that was me. But what I didn’t know about was the bruises and marks she and her boyfriend made for a greater effect. But that ain’t the half of it. Who the hell was this person charged with all this shit ????????

I quit school at nine to work. Married at 17. Became disabled at 21. I’m guilty of drinking a few beers once every four or six months and I listen to music and read my Bible.  I never had time to get in trouble. Attorneys wanted a three-time strike, your out for life event. For those times being ran over by the bus isn’t enough, throw me to the wolf’s.  Given who I am guess how I felt [ Charges ]?

Starting with the transport it was clear not everyone was in on the uh, let’s see. How did he say it. Oh yeah, now I remember. We’re the damned law enforcement this ain’t the kinda shit we do. Anyway, I’d say they had really fucked us over good with charges. And now that we were.  [ Back to the Class Action ] The law firm did its part. Left us to the prosecutor for prison eternal or at lease before some special investigator showed up. 

The check issued to us was in April. The action to have us arrested was set for the 13th, of May 1997. The note requesting a meeting with the law-firm was delivered on May 12th 1997, for a meeting the next day. The 13th.  Bogalusa is known as the magic city.

That magic was used against us by these city official prophets of doom on May 12th 1997.  They must to have broke-out the crystal ball on this one. The note was witnessed to its delivery being on the 12th of May. Now check out the charges they were written on the 12th of May. But recall that we weren’t home and the note was left there for us. This all went donw the next day, the 13th of May 1997. Just how the hell would you sell such shit to a real court of law? $$$

At this point though guess what type of action was supposed to had seal our faith ? Well that would be the action to totally exclude us.  Judge Graves’ January 1998 Newkirk Order  THE END :

This is their story for real and that’s were they wished they had stopped.  And so do I. This is where they claim it did but damned if they can’t lie. At this point civil violations are clear enough to hold legal action. But as I recall it was beyond us. We were broken, sick, homeless, beat down and pretty sure death was around the corner. Our conditions just wouldn’t go away. We were somewhat really dismissed, OR WERE WE ?

Railroaded by claim jumpers? Who with holding all discoveries of the best cause in law before his court that $ 84 million dollar and known  Offer of Vicksburg Chemical  was just too much. It made use of our claims no questions asked and we’re definitely in. Still was it the intent of the court to accept this offer knowing we would be in prison or dead or did the court intend to exclude us completely and the $ 84 million offer just popped up ? The greatest likely hood is that given our condition the thought apparent death was imminent and just ignoring any possible complaint before it occurred was all that was needed. Is that about right ?

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