5th, Circuit And Appeals Court Relinquished Its Authority

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From this:                                                 To this:

Here’s something of law over looked IMHO. With the evidence had and yes the system is broke, but the evidence had shows the following. Now mind you these ass holes no doubt joked and laughed this whole matter to the present day. But did you notice this ?

With papers proving settlement actions and the timing of an order totally useless the rulings of the court give a resulting measage. The entire fifth circuit has relinquished its authority to the Hinds County court by claiming no jurisdiction and a return to Hinds county.

The Court’s have admitted over and over that judge Graves order demanded a return to said county for any revival of claims. So does all this seem like an everyday crime when the entire fifth circuit gives way to the attorney damanded class action in little old Mississippi ? KICK BACK ?

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