I was going to dissect this fucking bull shit Opposition but really I have no time for this baby shit. So let’s do it like this. At each point any reader feels anything these lying fucking attorneys state as truths just exit the defendants filings and look at this. The bottom line.

Check out the change of heart in this Brunini law firm filing. With years of jerking our chain per the lying extortion plot of the court and bam, the fuckers suddenly wanted a dismissal with prejudice.

It wasn’t a fucking game in their favor any more, the little pussies.  On behalf the state of Mississippi they filed their greatest work ever.  This is their testimony before the court. If you’ve never read extensive lying from fuckers caught with their pants down get ready. It was nice to see that just like my motocross days the green flag drops the bull shit stops. Hey motherfucks I got your green flag hanging right here. And apparently it hit the floor.

But don’t forget with little made of our home before DA COURT! guess what the actual settlement was on. They cut an arc and fold the ear forward to clean out the damaged pocket eaten out by chemicals and reconstruct an eardrum with ten plus hours of surgery. This was two months late and handled by emergency room services. Attorneys abandonment occurred after Jane’s deposition December 1996. Injuries were known to all parties at that time. Except for awards the injuries were to remained hidden regarding the class. Sniff, sniff.

Without further delay, we present the Brunini law firm in opposition to the Maries’ court filed actions of 2005 Hinds county Mississippi.

 Gaylord Chemical and Container Opposition to the Maries

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  1. Robert Marie says:

    With documents from 1996 these action by the defense claims that the Marie action began October 21st, 1998. Nothing about the offer of Vicksburg three months earlier. Slick.

  2. Robert Marie says:

    Oh yeah, plaintiffs dismissed for failure to answer dicoveries and are dismissed and barred from action. Yet the global settlement agreement will still pay their claims. Hey bitches listen up. I didn’t need any of your fucking horse shit magic. What we have is an honest claim seeking justice. Not fucking ass holes delaying or extorting our awards. Now were left to deal with greedy stupid motherfuckers using a court of law to commit crimes because what?

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