Hinds County Court aka Lying Crooked Ass Motherfuckers

 So this is your ideal of law, ya’ll call yourselves fucking lawyers huh ?

It’s OK, were suppose to be angry. Should real attorneys ever get involved I’d have to part this childish shit call the Hinds county court. Wouldn’t want the chance to voice just a little more to pass me by. Their giving our money away to others for their cut over a corporate toxic disposal that was supposed to have killed us. In return they get to record it as a class action. But what is it in truth ?

Let me put fucking people who eat sleep and shit like any body else in their best fucking light here, scum shit buzzards or worse. In part 2,  we will go over an interesting filing of defendant/attorneys/lying fucking buzzard ass holes. But first ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I’d like to have it understood at what point in my family’s life that these low-life pieces of shit began their attack and thievery plot to extort via our abuses from buzzards of the court in a mind fucked magical horse-shit place call the Hinds county court Mississippi.


We were injured and loss everything. But they knew that. We needed medical attention. But these injuries ahhh, she don’t ah, fit the fucking lawyer class action. We needed our home replaced. What do they mean constitutional? We needed justice. But what this fucking so-called court of law and these fucking idiot thieves did know was their  fucking greed. To first totally exclude which came to be a use and exclude, expendable.  It looked as though we were all but dead but still what could the fucking buzzards gain ? At first to exclude they could take all via da class. But then Vicksburg Chemical $ 84 million. Failed trial and dead plaintiff ah, still the same all awards with legal documents for proof. Never a thought plaintiffs would live. But they had no other claim of damage had the offer not happen everyone goes home. You loss the trial the end. The court offers jail, prision or the grave that is its justice system. Who gets the money? just us.

We were in need of righteousness, something a fucking  court of buzzards wouldn’t know a damn thing about and this is their finest hour as we view in part two of our post court filings from Ed Brunini’s law  firm 2005. You can tell, proof matters.

Introduction :  Its 2004 the year is winding down but things were looking better. We had filed with the district court over civil right and property violations and being limited to part of Jane’s deposition and a paper listing the actions on our claim of mobile home estimates. This was the extent of proof our complaint held to requested relief. At that time it was all a joke, attorneys held all the documents and lied however they wanted. No friction with the court about the facts.
We had an ideal late 2004 and it was time to try it.  After years of hearing how, what we told other attorneys just couldn’t be happening, but yes it was. He was an attorney from the Gulf Coast and was very impressive like all the others, at first. Still not sure about that voo doo magical shit up in Hinds but it got every lawyer so far.
When this one got our files and a few days later said, if only you’ll could go to the casino and hit a million it could solve blah, blah. It was time. I demanded our files before any more brain wash of the class action struck his ass. Because of this our last filings with the court of Appeals included three volumes of court actions on Vicksburg settlement and failed trial. Clearly it when from thinking to hoping we would die.
Since 2001 we were dismissed without prejudice from every district court, even the court of Appeals. Funny thing about getting evidence. After first refusing to return the copies submitted to the court. It finally released two of the three copied exhibit volumes submitted. That shit ain’t cheap.
The Appeals  court as others stated a return to the jurisdiction of the court of initial actions. That be Hinds county. Only now this is the first time we filed with this court since meeting with judge Graves and it included evidence. And sha there was plenty of it.  In part two we’ll checkout that first response where defendants know we know and we know they know, we know, ha!  Feels good knowing they can’t stand on a level field fucking pussies.  To gain advantage mind fully is one thing to be an open public court documented thief is really something else.
Since these attorneys love games here’s a fucking hoop jumping game every lawyer on the block should own. It takes the lawyer to a place called fucking reality. In this game you use real evidence. Nothing like that fake moot court shit going on up Hinds county court. So let’s take some of the best argument given over this indifference only this time just like for real the Maries get to respond. And as not to forget any certain issue we’ll take them one at a time in this dark game of reality and see how they turn out when we let corporate attorneys venture into the real world with everyone else. 
We ‘ll get on with the game in part two of this post but for now let’s have a look at what can cause an otherwise secret criminal extortion plot conducted by state officials to see itself in the mirror. You know they got their share of copies to the issues of our awards and it wasn’t just being said as before.  It was now submitted with court documented evidence. Meaning we would prove the lies and the fact the court was allowing it. I’ve already processed these pleadings for storge but here are two cover sheets. If time permits we’ll inclue the entire pleadings around our reality session.
 See a return to the magical land of the 3rd world attorneys protected from all truths. See the return of Bobby Bull Shit DeLaughter. See your tax dollars steal more dollars. Don’t miss part two of Hinds County Court aka Lying Crooked Ass Motherfuckers. 
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