Just When Did They Change Their Mind ?


Welcome to the magical mind-f_-k which operates from the Hinds County circuit court MS… If your up to date on the drama you understand here the years of the courts claiming these claims were dismissed. Then more years of claiming the same as the cause with evidence rejected was being transferred around.

There can be little understanding of law in relation to the issues as, on one hand the claimed exclusion of the Maries by the court and on the other countless actions by the court using the Marie cause continues. How long will this last ? If they have it their way? Forever baby.

Perhaps this floor plan of the Hinds county court might help in finding the origin of its demonic corruption because this doesn’t look right.

Purple Nurple

I don’t know just when they changed their minds and decided to do something in accordance with law. They had sworn no relief forever baby ? Still copying isn’t rectifying unlawful past actions.

Let’s apply a little logic. Let’s say the newest member of the Extortion Plot understands the depth of corruption and requires a buffer zone.


He feels that copying his actions to the pro’se plaintiffs that it would be unclear as to its meaning by the Maries.  Yet this action  would better fulfill his duty. The mere action to copy plaintiffs and an expected copying of any filing by us to Mr. Alston as indicated by phone. This matter is impossible. The court never responses to its factual actions of awards regarding the Maries and their cause in filings very less inform them of any change.

It appears that the court does as it please with no regard to law or right. As such in any decision had by the court the plaintiffs are forced to accept.  The Maries are also expected to accept it without complaint or an understanding none would help. Is someone taking notes or will any such future event be handled in the same manner of as you go.

The court actions however do remain the same regarding payments made to a class of individuals whose trial failed to gain them any awards and whose appeal to the higher court failed as well. All the while denying relief to the only cause gaining awards. Logical, huh?

Could it have something to do with this bitch ?

Judge Prichard’s Order to Dismiss With Prejudice  was submitted by Sheldon Alston and damn if it ain’t Sheldon Alston’s signature on the latest actions copied to the plaintiffs Marie. But yelp, there it is, in the Latest Pleadings pt. 2 . Uh, oxymoron ?

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