Forever Baby !!!

A photo journey through Mississippi’s illegal system of hee haw Government and its handling of the Louisiana intentional release of toxic chemicals from the Gaylord, Temple-Inland facility Bogalusa Louisiana, October 23rd 1995 which landed on our home.  A plan to dispose toxins creates a single family multi million dollar to billion dollar action Mississippi government thieves called a class action.

The toxins traveled from this mill 13 miles NorthWest, where it landed on the home of the Marie Family. Recall this was a disposal.

The Great State of Mississippi turns the Hinds county court into a place of magical jurisdiction, where satanic rulings are created out of air with the bottom line being the court takes this offer of awards and dumps the victims for dead.

Can you really understand whats going on here? We have the Vicksburg offer filed on the Maries. Since they are supposed to die from exposure we don’t need to give them anything. Home, land, injury. We are the power and the authority. We the court says that this is a class action suit. And now, the court will extort the victims awards.

Summon the class, distort the truths make way for the fraudulent court of magical horse shit which servers attorneys and the corrupt and criminal lowlife minds working the hocus pocus man cow manure. It’s fucking voo-doo magic man. Bring in the courts demonic authority and gather all the awards. Hold the grand trial and reap our awards yes, yes. But to tell the truth the Devil really is in the works, but try to tell them that. No,no this is a blessing by the all mighty we are the ruling class hiding this extortion of death.

And now we begin the most evil project ever held in these united states. Although this was an intentional release which was secluded in large part by damages to the Maire family, they will not be mentioned in this court. The court of hell hole will handle these claims all the while acting as though it isn’t. Remember this isn’t law but evilness. These attorneys and the court would never understand their soul has been taken. Not even public knowledge of this effects them, blinded by money.

Speak only of mindless matters at trial. Never reveal the truths of this event or the real chemicals and you shall please Satan with all you do and you shall receive monetary rewards as you return to dust. Let the trial began.

Funny when people say God held a part in these matters and everything done by the court (1.) fails in all honesty and (2.) is revealed so everyone can see the courts evil intent. (3.) But the court has no shame the hillbilly collard, cornbread eating asses.

Oh, oh but wait, the damn trial failed. Now what ? Have no fear! This is Hinds county Mississippi a judicial hell hole where crime is the greatest magic of all. Summon the Bull Shit! Do as we wanted we can’t win through law so steal the fucking case.

Now summon the protector of collector, supporter of all this horseshit your federal government, All this money collected on the Maries for a class action and they don’t even have one other legitimate claim ? But what of all the money ?

 Have no fear of right or wrong. Do as you please. The world is yours. I have seen the goodness of men and as your ruler of the world Satan places you in charge. The Devil thanks you for the glory you give to his way of living and the sacrifice of your living soul. Now for more of the same. Hold on to this stolen money. Make it yours.You are the rulers and kings of the earth. At least that what it looks like to me. Oh but, the law of attacks are for us little people bot the elite.

Think about this for a minute. Why with the amounts had would it be so terrible to settle with the Marie family over their damages ? If you’re looking for answers don’t turn to the courts, law or any normal remedies of authority. Read the ten commandments. This is where the real intent to cause harm is. The court and attorneys have sought to push to limits of what could be endured. The court can go fuck itself as bad words to describe them is all I have for their horse shit..  More on reporting to the DOJ of this matter upon their response. Given all the horse shit it take a minute. But the DOJ, agrees with the thieves for a cut.

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  1. Its wonderful as your other blog posts : D, thankyou for posting .

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