Confidential Pt.1


Ok, got that psychological evaluation I’ll post it on a Pt. 2  of Confidential. But first a little on the, utter BS.

BS. # 1.  So with a March 31st, 2011 hearing for one thing appeared to me to be something else. Looks like the court is still in stall mode as they continue to attempt their wait till they die to settle.  A little, to no actual concern, except maybe it’s an election year and the power of the force will be weakened. No Bubba, No Hood and I don’t think Ed is going anywhere. After my lawyer meet today and given attorney greed it’s probably a DOJ thing.


BS. # 2.  Of the four phone calls made to us days before the court hearing two included a claim they were investigators. One caller stated we should wait till the next day after the hearing for a meeting with them. Ha, haaaa, haaaaa!

BS.# 2/2. Two callers stated they could met with us but that meeting would have to be during the time the hearing would be going on. Ha !

BS. # 3. Not able to meet with us for a few days after the hearing this other caller agreed to meet in the days thereafter. In met and after minor attempts to claim we were dismissed. The un-name legal person seeing the documents admitted they could not understand any reason why the court had not settled our claims.

Yet to ask us to turn over all documents without any signficant reasons when the court holds copies for any aid we may need. More Ha, haa, with a little >>>Sit and spin.

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