Confidential Pt. 2

If I posted this without any foreword you’d miss the reason for our state of mind at this time. It was on October 23rd 1995 that this chemical release occurred. During the next two months attorneys had agreed to an out of court settlement of ten million. By June 1996 all deals were off. The out of court settlement turned into a, we don’t even want you’ll around this cause of action and if you’ll tell anyone about what really happen your going to jail. Being to sick to even care at that point, we remained quite in hopes of revealing what had occurred at an up coming deposition. My wife Rebecca Jane was able to give a deposition on the 18th of December 1996. I assume attorneys felt we were fearful and would go along with the class crap. Actually we were trying to heal up some.

Jane was a wreck. We had been living in a camper behind the trailer we were threaten not to speak of, breathing the fumes was a for real two-year acid trip. We were being pressured by everyone. My mom and step dad could no longer provide help with living quarters. They had spoken to attorneys and joined the class action suit not yet approved by any court.

Attorneys had repeatedly told us to say nothing about the trailer and I was forced to insist to Jane that she tell someone in her deposition. Don’t know how many arguments that caused. I’ll be posting her deposition soon on a page here. Anyway after the deposition the attorneys were pissed. We knew what they knew and soon we would learn more. It wasn’t an accident and what was reported wasn’t the chemical actually released. It was a whole new ball game. The threats intensified with the added, you’re not going to get all the money from this suit, you’re not going to be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest corporations etc………

As shown in a prior post we fired the law firm on March 13th and 17th of 1997.  We were given a check in April 1997 for aid to return and finalized all needed discovery. Thinking it would workout, an attempt to arrest us on May 13th occurred on the 14th of May 1997. 

By May 14th 1997 our child had been told we had abandoned her to her grandparents that she could smoke cigarettes be with her boyfriend and would receive her portion of monthly income. In return all my mom and step dad wanted was her to aid attorneys plot to incarcerate us. Attorneys sought a way to use her to get to us and this evaluation was a part of it. Now go and try to explain all this shit to a shrink. Wanting what was promised her from me, I tore that ass up for smoking with a switch and it landed me in jail along for not providing a home because the Gaylord release destroyed the one we had. Like a person can just run out and buy a home any old day of the week. Ass Holes.

 They won’t tell you that she was left alone so her supervisors could attend a base-ball game with their kids or that our child escaped their hold got a ride with a couple on an 18 wheeler to her boyfriend’s house and left town. Ah, when your 15 huh? Then stole a car on their trip when theirs broke down. Ya, that acid is bad ass shit but acting an ass from exposure never helped. 

After reporting the matter to this state paid official who was clearly in denial, it was best to just act like getting fucked over was a normal thing. Completing the sessions,  the report claims were just like everyone else. But don’t you believe it sweet pea. >>>>> Here’s the evaluation. Family Counseling Center

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