Now Where Did I Put That ?

 digitized item thumbnailOur main documents are now grouped and accessible and everything else is a mess. Never enough room. Clearing out a place inside and where did I put…….I was going to post an interesting evaluation here.

digitized item thumbnailWhat a trip! Recalling those attempts to explain the attacks against us when this all started and being labeled paranoid. Ah, what happens when everything you told others came true? By our second visit to the shrink it was clear. If they refuse to accept the truth, then have them believe what they wished. Selected and paid for by state money we never held a chance. There was only one way to elude the Shrink.

Making multi copies of documents I sometime can’t find my most recent work. It’s in one of those boxes. Not in the main copies box but one of those other boxes. You know the one with clothes, other documents, the baby’s toys, that stuff you put away to sell on ebay, etc….. Getting to those main copies for review with no time to look where I might have placed it. That physiological evaluation of the family that is. I’ll get it up soon along with Rebecca’s deposition. Hope to get around to what all those calls and so call aid I spoke to and received calls from near our court date and what happened to em.

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