BUT FIRST LET’S LOOK AT THE OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS: DISCOVERY : You’d think having proof was enough. For years it was easily understood greed was the motivator of the actions had by the court. NewKirk never made sense and never got my attention till just now. I must thank my counterpart and partner in life my wife Jane.  Many times finding that one piece of the puzzle missed. Her work has always been a valued asset to our struggles and at times lead the way.

Trying to understand the how of all this was never clear. What is known still leaves questions. However given the actions taken by the court it’s clear more concern to protect certain asses was more important than the fact that by October 1998 the Hinds county court buried us alive with no concern except the possible awards.


Mr. Smith was given a hard time from the Louisiana attorneys who wanted a class-action. Mr. Smith takes our claims to Mississippi and judge Graves. Indication is Mr. Smiths threats came from the month of attorneys on both sides, one with very important facts. The statements made were certain regarding the facts.

 1. If we were brought before the court first there would be nothing left for anyone else. 2. Our claims viewed by jury could bankrupt all the corporations involved. 3. Due the actual chemicals released and the extent of our exposure it was truly believed death within five years was a positive. 4.  That our child of 14 was to young to inherit that kind of money.

Try and un-riddle that shit. So at this point the chance of going home and anything which by law is supposed to happen won’t. Mr. Smith is fired on March 13th, 1997 by letter with second letter March 17 th. After being told our matters would be over after Jane’s deposition we got nothing. The deposition was under the name McKenna. So Jane’s awards were taken through McKenna, WAM! thus now we see NewKirk was the name to be used in taking Robert’s awards. BAM! Look what happen to NewKirk after firing Mr. Smith 

Mr.Smith fired March 13-17 1997 and the very last recorded action in NewKirk is March 20th. Mr. Smith claims he will after this, have our home replaced and offers $700 dollars to aid getting a place to live with $250 a month in assistance. We return and for a repeat additional discoveries for the Texas firm of George Fleming this time. Having seen judge Green use my name to an action unknown to me, I’d have to wonder if NewKirk had anything to do with this release.     

So by April 1997 all discovery is had. The firm of Mr. Smith accepts trailer prices and we received letters explaining discovery is had and our claims are being prepared for trial. Then the trap was sprung.     

We were asked to come to the Smith law-firms office in Bogalusa. Attorneys called law enforcement who arrived with charges and took our child. We were charge with alleged crimes but not yet arrested. It seems the entire plot wasn’t planned out. The charges made in Louisiana, Mississippi wanted the hold. After being threaten in Louisiana were arrested in Mississippi upon return to my parents home where we lived after destruction of our home. All agencies of child protection services and law are alerted. Seeking new representation the court refuses the release of our file. We’re transferred to Louisiana for hearing on the charges.


Refusing to plea deal guilty the charges were dropped. After completing evaluations and classes we returned to stay in Mississippi with other family.

Refusing to return to the Smith law-firm we meet with judge Graves. Graves demands we get an attorney. Our meeting was in October of 1998, over two months after theVicksburg offer. Now we know the attorneys were needed for the courts class-action attempt. Our choice of Mr. Camp was used to get David Baria involved. Now with his choice of attorney Graves was ready for his class-action trial.  Sheldon Alston followed the money.

      Where’s the money? The Governor’s state employed attorneys. One has been placed in the state’s attorney generals office. Up there with Hood Mr. Ricky Luke.  NewKirk without us was nothing, no doubt pissed we didn’t go along the court drags NewKirk back to back-stab us for their troubles.

Graves knows his buddy Mr. Smith has burnt his last bridge with us. Knows we sought an honest attorney which he refused to release files to. He had also wanted us completely out of the lawsuit awards as he intended to take from me just as was done to Jane. The judge draws up his January 15th, 1998 order.  Regardless, WAM, BAM,  BOOM!!!!  

With all discovery needed and no attorney, judge Graves personally moves to accept the awards offered from Vicksburg and their associates for the $84 million.

How convenient to make an enemy of those you’ve taken awards from. The degree of anger is amazing in that each court has blindly supported Gaves order without understanding its impossibility or the fact the court was admitting to a hate crime by supporting the order. If we agree the 1998 January order dismissed our claims and every right as a citizen then in August of 1998 the court and all attorneys engaged in intentional hate crime against us through the use of the court adding to a prior hate crime of denying a right to the courts. Just like babies they want it all their way. And don’t forget this. Trial denied awards to the class or joined claims.

 See yours and rise ur ass 

Where are we?  Well, the agreed to global settlement to the fraudulent claims continue. Bob Owens and his firm attorney Barry Powell are holding the awards for the Governors attorneys who call all the shots with our money. Whatever occurred in Louisiana my beef lays with the good ole boys of this fucked up state county. 

 Although I’ll request relief to all parties, now the what and why of the NewKirk’s and the murk with judge Kid and Green are known I’ve just about had enough of what is clearly horse shit by this court. {As a personal note to some involved } by the way ass holes, here is something i’ve held back for years now. The symptoms the courts claims as injuries for the class is horse shit as well. The court doesn’t know what the real symptoms are because it was blinded by the money and what it wanted for us. Did you ever think I would give real symptoms to people who wanted us imprisoned.? A lot of folks were injured and died from actions to have class doctors treat them for what the court wanted us to have. That’s on the court and plaintiffs for knowing the really injured.

Next time you go out looking for an enemy just by-pass my ass, it would be better for both of us. I doubt any fairness and see no end to use by the court and wonder if DOJ would be our best or only bet. Maybe first another attempt to reason with the greed driven insanity. Hum? Then all that number 13 shit, my cousins death 02-09-02 = 13  Anytime these folks wish to end this, for now the ball is in their court. I’d happily see the responsible party brought to justice. Regardless any concern to take action against those in volved. There is little doubt my cousin was a victim of murder over this lawsuit.  Pehaps I’ll post my investigation and information on that.. I would rather return home with my family placing all in the hands of God.

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One Response to WAM! BAM! BOOM!!!!

  1. Robert says:

    The person involved in my cousin’s death had warrants for his arrest and many DUI charges. Yet law-enforcement of the time gave him a driving license aid with an automobile and freedom to leave the state before returning to commit his actions. He died about a year after my cousin’s death. Isn’t that about as much of an event after a conspiracy as can be had to hide others involved ?

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