Have You Heard UPDATE! Or Court Of Musical chair

And there I was, the only person who’s family was used by the court to gain at least hundreds of millions and to the most billions in awards. It was a documented fact the awards are ours.  How could I lose? The Governor wants the to run for President and needs money. I was up against the Governors attorneys in front of the Governors judge. Damn I was revictimized by the MCMP. The MAN COW MANURE PROJECT. Heres how the shit went down in his court. Protector for the collector, head collector Man Cow Manure ruler.














JUDGE BILL GOWEN:    Head of rulings for MCMP. Heading up it’s attorney base is: Sheldon Alston            

Sheldon didn’t look all hung over like the last time we were in the same court. I’ve posted two pictures of him here as a warning to any common folk gaining a lawsuit in Mississippi. Mr. Alston brought with him a new and younger attorney. Showing him the ropes, the legacy continues. I now know why the officer of the court kept ( baliff ) attempting to engage in eye stare. All rise as man cow manure entered the room. I mean the judge entered the court. Damn it spoke. Be seated it said. He blah, blah-ed some other action which was dismissed before asking of the Gaylord action.

As attorneys got up so did I. So man cow asked me to be seated till he spoke to his counterpart theives. Funny though, as I stood the court officer stood and as I sat so did he. After telling the judge how attorneys had made further agreement more dismissals were had. And why not? Toxic cloud leaves corporate mill travels above the height of taller trees to our home 13 miles away in a rural area and lands on it away from everyone. So how many could actually be involved? As I was commanded by head of Man Cow Manure operations. The court officer got up in ready for arrest. The shit began. This is in short what occured.

After getting the judge to sign all orders spoken of regarding the Man Cow Manure project. And wow the Man Cow didn’t even look at the documents other than signing them. Hope he didn’t sign away his home. After the officer and I got up, it started.

Man Cow: You’ve been here several times before. Your claims were dismissed in January 1998.

Classvictim: Yes and if I agree to that could we discuss the Vicksburg $ 84 million accepted on me alone in August of that year and the 1999 failed class trial by these attorneys which forced use of our claims for all awards.

Man Cow: You were also dismissed by Judge DeLaughter in blah, blah.

Classvictim: I didn’t hear the date but recall it was 2006 or 07. In response, Your honor the records reflect that our [ my family’s] action of awards were recently transferred into the failed class actions of attorneys by trial before judge Graves. Frankly your honor these dismissal orders have nothing to do with us.

THIS WENT BACK AND FORTH AS THE MAN COW BECAME ANGRY: He pushed the false dismissals and I reinforce the real actions before the court. The court has generated two set of actions. A false one for us and the real one recovered as reflected by the present documented real action before the court. There were actions gaining first $84 million on me and agreements for more on me and my family after the courts failed trial. Guess which record the Man Cow claimed to have? How can a court of law do this? It can’t This is state authority speaking.

That’s why I list the evidence in the pleadings. The court just can’t help losing evidence. Meaning our filing with this judge has been filed with the court and would have to have been as unlawfully disallowed as all our other civil actions were to the stealing of awards in this cause. A speical state interest is given to emotional harm. 

Pro’se litigants beware. The court portrays your actions as a threat. It assumes that from its throne that arresting you is easily accepted by the common citizens because the plaintiff no doubt could not handle their own matters without anger. Not so here, the judge of wrongful doings was really pissed and it showed. Like other in the fraud class we might be interferring with his dis-honor’s class action cut. So here’s how it ended. As we all back and fourth were eyeballing the court reporter and ( baliff ) court officer. The judge expected telling me he was in on the robbery was going to be and avenue for arrest. At this point I’ve done my part to go on record to oppose this state sponsored govermnetal rape of my family. As I leave the judge the judge add inslut to injury via his mouth-n-foot knee jerk reaction to the truth.  

Man Cow: All I have is two papers here which state your claims were dismissed. These are the papers I have and these are the papers I will rule on. I have no relief for you today.

Classvictim: Your Honor, didn’t the court receive our motions? I was just seeking a ruling on this matter { clearly referring to 251-98-1061 and the failed 251-96-493 }before the court.

Man Cow: YOU GOT IT!!!!!

Classvictim: Thank you   

I exited with my head down. No eye contact was needed I already know what a pile of shit looks like. The attorneys had asked the Man Cow if they needed to stay or leave. I asked them to stay and they did. The judge told me to at that point to address the court. They were still sitting as we left. For all I know their still there.

Regardless the repeated filings before this court starting in 2005 after an order returning the matter to this court, no filing was ever responded to. None prior to or after this hearing. The court holds a history of using the clerks of court to do their dirty deeds with meager responses to its criminal acts. It was always the intent of these thieves to simply steal these awards as it ignored proper relief to the victims. The arguments before the court that awards we all placed on my family that we were victimized by a failed class action of these attorney’s before judge Graves.

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2 Responses to Have You Heard UPDATE! Or Court Of Musical chair

  1. Great info and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you folks have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thx 🙂

  2. classvictim says:

    I’m so often asked that question and wonder who are needing profo writers.

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