March 2011 To Transfer Funds

Here’s my consolidation of this months events.

Simply Amazing :  After filing with the court around the beginning of the month we were paid a visit by law enforcement. They went through our home claiming to be looking for someone but refered to him as someone else. New Song, Searching for something to make an arrest.

Wishful Thinking:   About a week after that. Three Cop Cars one Civil Defense Van and an Ambulance, rushed up our driveway saying that a call was made stating that someone riding a bicycle was laying on the side of the road and was presumed to be dead. The officers didn’t appear to want to accept that it wasn’t me.

Then This:     One person came to our home claiming to be an investigator asking questions about the Gaylord chemical release. He got his ears filled. Two phone calls from person’s claiming to be investigators, telling me that they had attorneys wanting to speak with me on the day I must appear in court regarding our claims. Too bad.

Then various persons wanting to know with whom I was riding to court with. During the first failed trial we were unable to attend because our car wasn’t running. Our then attorney didn’t offer any ride either. Someone put Karo syrup in the gas tank. And yes before the car stop running we were told we better not show up at the court-house during the trial.

Oh yeah, about a week ago my three-year old labrador dog ROCKY [ RIP ] walked up to me and had blood pouring from his mouth every breath he took. Looking at me, I’m sure he knew he was going to die. He went under the camper parked in the yard and laid waiting when he got up he staggered from under it a few feet then fell on his side. I rubbed him and spoke to him as he died. I would bet his stomach was full of food mixed with glass.

The ole lawsuits just ain’t what they used to be. And i’m sure i’ve forgotten something.  LATER!

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