Tripple Jeopardy Or Hoop Jumping

By 1999 we had been through some operations but were still heading in a downward spiral health wise, but no matter.  Since early 1997 all out war by the most undetected actions had begun. The repeated arrest of us didn’t go over well because we weren’t the type of criminals needed to make false incarceration a believable cause.

By 1996 discovery defendants and the court knew of what had happen, we made damn sure. There threats to silence us continue to meet the not guilty plea. This would have placed all matters in court and that isn’t what these crooked bastards wanted. So pretty much most of what occurred in Louisiana was dismissed. This included arrest, court dates, child protection agencies, parenting class, and the old evaluations of the mind. You know hoop jumping. There was however some agency from Mississippi which were at the last court date regarding the supposed release of our daughter to us. We were place to the back of the court room as attorneys struck some kinda screw us deal.

So after her release we freed her by allowing her to wed. Someone was still holding on because the Louisiana court went crazy, saying they would have the judge marrying them thrown in jail. OK looks like were going to court. Bring the shit on! NOPE. So here’s how the hoops get jumped in Mississippi.

The state of Mississippi must to have taken the action of April’s marriage to mean that our daughter was helping us to prevent the planned extorting. So here’s how the politicians wanting to steal our awards worked for further control of our lives.

In state or just with law in general your arrested charged and are found guilty or not. Well the Mississippi boys and girls didn’t want the not guilty plea but refuse to lose the wanted control. Strike one.

How many times can you be arrested and charged with the same crime? 3 anywhere else its one but in Mississippi its 3. Look closely and you’ll see the Police Department made the first arrest. Nope I told our daugther to plead not guilty. We’ve already been put through this shit and know why its going on. Charges were dismissed, however the matter was transfered to the sheriff’s office.

So what? Other than the the not guilty plea we now want a trial. After the witness list and the departments collected statements it was crystal clear the charges were false, add to wit this peice of hear say. When she was arrested our child stated that the undercover drug addict use to entrap her told arresting officers to contact Mike Cooper who headed the drug task force on behalf of the Sheriff.

I don’t trust anything done by this group of wanta be mobsters. It appears the undercover addict had been being sought for by her family for days before the Sheriff struck the deal.

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