More On Hoops

The reasons for the false criminal charges were to keep us in Mississippi with hope that’s where we would die by 2000. The kidnapping would help that purpose. But given the fact these folks worn our daughter down by harrassments and in fact I have a signed and notirized  affidavit stating we were threatened not to approach the court or attorneys regarding a trial of this matter.

Our child was of legal age and somehow thought she could end all the attacks by pleading guilty to probation only. I told her these sorry, lowdown dog shit individuals were lying every breath they took and they were just doing what they do. But IMO there not good at it. I lived next to the lady needing the heart medication her husband had just died a few weeks before this occurred. It was me who sent my daughter and wife to get her medicine, it was the least we could do.

Here’s some more on this Mississippi death stall tactic of politicians to extort lawsuit awards.  Judge for yourself guilty or not?


After pleading guilty to something she hadn’t done, attorneys dropped the one and only false charge they had. You should see the court testimony, more later.

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