Hillbilly Hell

 In all honesty I think Mississippi isn’t as bad a place to live as many would like to believe. I would said that Mississippi is actually a well-balanced place. The problem is that all the bad apples run the state’s government. So why are we hated so much? Because of what started all this, to many damn nosey ass people sticking their damn nose in our business and up one another’s asses. And whats worse they are criminals who sought some way to get their greedy hands on money, mines, yours it didn’t matter when they took the job and it still doesn’t matter to them now. But here’s why they will always hate us. 

At a modest 10 percent on the Vicksburg settlement offer alone not counting what was stolen from us after the McKenna 251-96-493 action had on my wife you would get 8,400,000 a quarter at four quarters a year you come up with $ 33,600,000 and add the twelve years since they stole our awards comes to $ 403 million $ 200, 000 two hundred thousand dollars. Can you just image a hillbilly stealing that kinda money getting caught and still has their freedom to spend it as I engage in freedom of speech. Yeah, attorneys wanted to dismiss the action but once bitten, well.

I’ve often though about the mind and it’s functions when engaged in actions which are situated between right or wrong as well as good and evil. It’s no different than the mind of any past criminal’s act to crook, cheat, steal, and for those who believe, god forbid engage in murder. Do people still give thought to god before going to sleep or are we speaking of non believers.

WiTh SOmuch thoGhTS of gaining the world IS ThEir any time to give thought as to how the body remains alive as you sleep in bed at night.?

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