Update On Hinds County MS. Court Magic

I seem to have recalled that the order claiming to dismiss us requested discover by December of 1997 and it was the deadline which was January of 1998. Here’s the order.

This order came at a time we were being told we would not be allowed to bankrupt the worlds largest paper mill. Our claims would never be heard before a court and jury. We would die within five years and our child was to young to inherit that kind of money. We would never be placed before the attorneys and the courts class-actions because after our action there would be nothing left for anyone else. Damn!

Now let’s see what happened later that year when Vicksburg offered up $ 84 million dollars to be removed from the suit but needed a real claim. Here’s an action by the court on me alone by the court of magical jurisdictions.  

Now after using me to gain the Vicksburg offer the court and it’s attorney counter-parts in crime move on to connect my offer to the class or does it? Looky here!

And so the question to the magical court of horse-shit remains. WHERE IS MY FAMILY’S MONEY? 

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3 Responses to Update On Hinds County MS. Court Magic

  1. I see a couple of photos who may have wiggled out of your case without prosecution, but I don’t think they wiggle out of other ones in front of them right now. All these cases connect certain dots to show how the courts are handled in Mississippi

  2. classvictim says:

    DeGuyz, Bobby was taken down over an in-state affair, politics. The rest of these ole boys have got a get or stay out of jail card with corporate sponsers. With regards to those dots, many of the allegations by the court have documents which contradict one another, yet none support any notion these awards aren’t ours. Thanks for your comment.

  3. classvictim says:

    So as to not have the photos of, ah, oh awe, these folks on to many post they’ll be moved to a newer post. Making room for more ah, huh, ah magic court stuff and all.

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