More From That Magical Jurisidiction In Hinds County

Just how the hell does this work? I’ve notice each time our settled awards are moved our daughter is taken into custody by the state, in fact if not for her being arrested I might not know the awards were being moved. The only thing making sense is they want our $$$$$$$$$$

After the recent election in Hinds a new judge is placed. It’s this new judge that I contact or rather it’s his clerk. I don’t bother the court anymore we would like to be left alone. The court and corrupted attorneys have taken all we had as well our hundreds ofmillions in awards hoping we would die. Still, our child was again taken by the state so it’s OK I guess to checkout what might be going on.

Google up our case ” Marie v. Vicksburg Settlement Offer” or Bogalusa Chemical Release Vicksburg Settlement and you’ll see the very same document posted at our blog site RE: 251-98-1061  Even in my call to the new judges clerk the information I sought regarded the 251-98-1061 claims. Check this out and ask yourself just how damned stupid do you have to be to live in Mississippi, and if you’re not, knowing how abusive being a plaintiff before all this hocus pocus horse-shit can be. Our child gets abducted we call and always get a letter which looks like this. letter from hinds county

If memory serves me the order which is refered here was a 1996 order having nothing to do with us which required responses by Jauary 1997 and not 1998. I’m going to blow this letter out the water next week along with all other lies. My response and documentation will be posted next week after preparing it for the clerk. I never have seen any point in responding to an order having nothing to do with our claims. The many boxes of court documents only reflect Rebecca’s depostion and countless 261-98-1061 actions regarding Vicksburg et.,al.

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2 Responses to More From That Magical Jurisidiction In Hinds County

  1. …and I have to believe every word about this case. They circle the wagons every time. We will see as the wheels start to fall off some of the wagons. I believe they have pushed the envelope one too many times and now they can answer for “how or why they did it”. Who will be the fall guy in this new case?. We all may be shocked.

  2. classvictim says:

    DeGuyz, that’s quite a blog site you have. I had often wondered about the victims from Katrina. I knew the Mississippi Governor was spending the FEMA money on everything but the victims and when let’s go walking Haley talked about running for Prez, I knew a lot of folks would suffer his arrogance. I’ll get around to high-lighting your blog here if thats OK. I haven’t had time yet to study your situation in full but it looks like more of the same.

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