The Lastest!

If you’ve read some of the earlier post on our blogs It’s clear we’ve maintained our manners. Rather than apologize for the recent flare up, I decided to share the latest with my viewers. I occasionally run into articles or reports regarding the fraudulent affairs of the court and all the problems one has when the government intentionally allows abuse, targets or flags you.

Since the report in my Corporate Media post suggest the only claims remaining are the children of adults in the class, I need to finalize a document I once read in one of those many boxes of court filings use to get the awards which read ” the Marie’s would receive their portion after all others were paid” Oh yeah, put em on the end. Bullshit, hate like that on paper is as much a dam lie as those supporting the fraudulent class action. Again, the court of law and it’s attorney’s want death money. After seeking relief before the settling judge we filed from 2001-2004 in the federal court were denied and told we must return to the Hinds county state court. After filing almost every form for relief from our own awards there, we were again denied by suggestions in 2008 after a few more judges we had no involvement to any actions. The last one is now serving time as our matter was made clear that it was still a pending action.

So how does the court put an end to any hope that we ever get anything from a pending action? Recap, 1998 $84 million on me alone and the total of all awards on my family of three. At least $ 330 million in 1999 after a failed trial by a new attorney who helped himself to a cut like the first one did and paid to become a state senator. The judge slid up into the supreme court. Anyway time to test the document which states were the last ones to get their money, time to test the out come of our hypothesis.

Thursday 20th, Jan.2010: Call to clerks office. The action of awards pending for over 15 years and moved from one judge to another has been moved to another judge once more. Don’t you just love it?  Call his clerk to ask of the action. After confirmation the 251-98-1061 settlement matter is before this judge, I began, it went like this:

I ask when might we be receiving our money because the class which was placed before us was coming to an end. 

I think that case is closed.  

So where’s my money?

You want your money?   

Well yeah, we were used to get it but all our request for relief were side tracked by the class action agreed to after we were used to gain the awards.

You didn’t get your money?  


 None of it?     

No, but as I’ve said we were used to get all the awards from the first offer as well had remaining total of awards placed on my family after the failed trial before judge Graves in 99. …………….Do I need to file an action?          

I need to talk to the judge about it. I’ll have to get back with you next week.

OK thank you, good-by.

Is this unfair? Hell, they would have to consider allowing me to get everyone involved since the start if they were fair. Drag their out of offices asses back to court and do it all over again. This time before a real court, real judge and jury.

But they won’t, just like all other actions we presented to the court they, the attorneys held no chance to win legally. Still wanna know how they all did it? They all have the same mind-set. Years and years later and more than likely…………

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3 Responses to The Lastest!

  1. I have found that the state controls the attorney’s, the media, and everything in between. I never thought they would go the extra mile but it’s apparent that they will fight to the death. I would never give up. I washed my hands when I learned they started having criminal proceedings out of the local barber shop. They are proud of this. This governor refused to honor a request for a federal investigation in 2008. It’s his loss. He may be involved for all I know. Why would anyone investigate their state when they know they could be guilty?

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