15 Years of Judicial Bull-Shit

Today is the fifteen year anniversary of the October 23rd,1995 intentional release of toxic poison from the Gaylord facility in Bogalusa Louisiana. This is the day of reliving the life we held before the Corporate, Government Conspiracy to unlawfully dispose of toxins which created the take over of our family’s life.  

On this day in 1995 officials at the worlds largest paper manufacturer decided to intentionally release a deadly substance N2O4, Dinitrogen Tetiroxide into the sky’s over Bogalusa. Reported as an accident nothing could be further than the truth, See our post on How it all Started on this blog or How it all Started @ http://www.mftms13.wordpress.com These post explain the conditions faced by corporate entities when transport or unloading of toxins was unavailable to them and how a planned released failed and in turn reveals the extent of corporate corruption which exist in the United States Courts.

15 years after the fact, the entire awards of the ensuing lawsuit was settled on my family after two years of threats to not involve ourselves in the incident. The settlements began as an offer of $84 million from one of the many defendants then the remaining amounts added after a trial for a class action or joiner trial failed. 

By 1997 we had fired our attorneys who refused to release our work files. During this time the issues took on an action by officials of the state to extort the awards. The judge who’s photo along with others on this blog, took to make agreements to accept the millions in offers as well the total remaining amounts after the failed trial.

As the court and attorneys received a reported $330 million dollars these criminals have clearly made personal and political gains. As I make a comparison we see the judge over these matter become a supreme court judge, his son gets employed by one of the defendants. An attorney hired after our settlements were had refuses to aid with our needed relief but afterwards becomes a state senator. All the attorneys cash in on fraud claims proven to be fraudulent at a trial before this supreme judge. Our first actions in the court were used to gain the punitive awards as well.

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