Under The Table With Stuart Smith

To say unprovable claims, cover coats the entire matter of possible real claims as they do not muster the full need of what the court requires for payment of awards. Say What? Put another way, its clear as with the BP. litigation Mr. Smith and his buddies intend to seek awards for person’s who are unable to prove any connection to the oil spill. This unlawful action began and was supported by judge Graves, who was recently chosen by Mr. Obama as an appeals court judge. His position over that court may well involve rulings in any BP. appeal. These claims and action are referred to by attorneys and the court as under the table claims. As this is a saying used often in Mississippi politics it’s become a custom. The fact is this is an underhanded, backstabbing and unlawful action against anyone with real claims. This is how it’s explained by Mr. Smith in a video we call  “Under the Table with Stuart Smith”. Notice at 2:45 his expression when asked about under the table claims. It’s as though he though someone had reported some underhanded action by him. More on how this works below the video. Under the Table with Stuart Smith.  Where does this kind of thinking come from? It comes from corporate corruption persuade by attorneys and allowed in and by the courts. Awards belonging to victimless persons can easily be transferred to attorneys under the guise of a claim presented to the courts as real. Once gained by attorneys these awards totaling into millions pay to promote their political parties which in turn protect them from being prosecuted. Additionally no one can argue these claims or how much they have received. Our awards from the Gaylord toxic release has found its way toward both parties to wit the justice department refuses to act against. After all one party or the other makes their payroll. Or at least they direct your taxes. Although our claims are easily proven we have been ordered to take no action against anyone doing this to us.  The unproven fraudulent claims are given legal authority as real claims are backseat for use of any real documented need. More often than not the victims are left to die as we were.  Judges and attorneys go on to share the awards among themselves.

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