The Faces of Mississippi Law:

Welcome! The documents shown on this sites include our injuries, loss and a journey through a corrupted court system of Hinds county MS. Our claims were handled by the following persons. The event has been rewritten to fit the present assumption there was an accident which the courts handled with justice and dignity. In the public story no one was really harmed but the courts still got hundreds of millions for a huge class action. In truth the courts do nothing more than turn a person’s life into a plot of profit for their own personal gains. And here they are the counter insurgents from corporate America controling the court of personal gains. Along with hopes this would never happen.  I don’t know if the Gaylord event was their first huge extorting case, ie.,  first rodeo, however, I do know these persons are involved in the intended up coming BP litigation. A matter of interest to some.  They are seeking awards for un-provable claims. The same kind they received in the Gaylord chemical release and their global settlement agreements had after their failed court trial. The video of the BP. claims process explains . First up, the head of this snake, Stuart Smith.

Stuart Smith was the class action, global settlement mastermind behind the criminal acts supported by the courts.  Mr. Smith was our attorney until which time his threats to be silent of actual events came to include further injury, homelessness, arrest and state abduction of our child. Due actual events of our claims alone he held great leverage over defendants. Mr Smith is the ultimate self-serving attorney. As he shared the power of leverage with the court to implementing his global class settlement or else among attorneys, one seeking the state senate. He secured money for the judges run to a higher court. He was also engaged in actions to have us imprisoned. Obviously, as it was proven only our completed discovery was needed with the court to accept offers or gain further awards. Our physical bodies which were assumed would be dead from exposure by the year 2000, and any needs are just viewed as a hinderance to the court. To reiterate a known $330 million was reportedly had as documents sought $ 2 billion. The actual amounts are unknown. Our case remains presently listed as pending before Judge Harrison another black judge. Our real claims never saw the light of day. They were used in part as we were to provide for some political funding of various individual political inspiration as well money to other friends and family members of court and state officials.There were millions laundered through frudluent economic developments.

Circuit judge now supreme court James Judge Graves accepted the Vicksburg offer and actions to secure the awards after the failed class trial before him in 1999. Aware of our injuries and loss of our home by an unlawful toxic seizure in this matter Justice Graves has never stopped working to deny relief of our issues. His son was given a job with a major railroad defendant in this matter. Our new attorney in 1998 Davia Baria, somehow became a state senator but was unable to get any money for us from our settled claims. He took part in the attempted failed class trial which he collected from. Mr. Baria wasn’t an attorney of choice but was suggested by Kevin Camp. Look there was a settlement but we need David Baria. Say What? OK,OK.

I know the settlement was had so : What is This? I don’t know. But everyone got a new BMW. I knew any chance of going back to my own home may never be when I saw Mr. Camp’s one. Really nice blue. Then there was Ron Austin’s black one and Doctor Evens Green one. All new all BMW’s.  Attorney and state senator, David Baria, sold us out to the global class extortion plot of Stuart Smith and Judge Graves right after Kevin sold us out to David. You follow this? Our first offer was in early 1998 for millions. Mr Baria entered late 1998 but gave us no aid. He as well as other attorneys negotiated fraudulent cases which failed before Judge Graves in state court. None of their agreements has ever granted us any relief. Even when our claims were the only ones used for actual settlements. With the amounts had the hardship of no relief is clearly intentional. What is being done extends beyond general needs as state and federal records are altered to deny any form of education or Medicaid for needed care or for surgery from exposure injuries. Before leaving for the higher court our pending claims were passed on to Judge Tomi Green from judge Graves.  Nothing mature here. Just something kinda like a game of keep the money away from the Marie’s in an effort to keep it.  All we had has been destroyed including or health and even our home. The awards gained from our injury, pain and loss are in their hands and instead of allowing us relief they pass it around to each other just to keep it away from us. That’s the Hinds County Court, in the state of Mississippi. They will take the resulting awards from court actions but never any judgment of any crime. They set their throne up sit in them and claim to be Gods!

Judge Tomie GreenIn 2005 filings for relief Judge Green [ shown here ]  moved to transfer our claims to Judge Bobby DeLaughter [ below ] More later on this highly unlikely act and why the court assigns civil action numbers to each case and there use even in Mississippi’s magical jurisdictions.

Typical of criminal attorneys and judges in Mississippi, judge DeLaughter is presently in prison for lying to F.B.I. agents. The transfer from Green was a never before heard of court action. Making it harder to accept that an actual transfer occurred since the claims were always controlled by black officials in the court. Bobby is white, his transfer papers were not in order. Now with facts limiting what the court and employees would be entitled to via the actual case before the court clearly the extortion plots provides payments that actual claims would not. Their not doing this for nothing. You may have heard of Bobby DeLaughter from the “Mississippi Burning”, oops, I meant “Ghosts of Mississippi” movie about civil justice for a black man being murdered in Mississippi. Mississippi has gone a long way to get nowhere. Later I’ll post the Judges and other attorneys who began the attacks against us from the corporations very own little town. I think it not a lesser evil in the tale of two cities to chose Columbia over Bogalusa as refuge.

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