From Ground Zero!


Hi, we are the Marie’s, Robert and Rebecca, welcome to this site. In 1995 I was 34 years old. As I near 50 now the years since the Gaylord release seems a waste of life. Repeated doctor visits, having surgeries, fighting false allegations from attorneys and state officials to the incarceration of us. Not to mention repeated denials from the court for relief over our injuries and the destruction of our home. These objections came from countless attorneys, judges, 20,000 individuals an order not connected to us and the district courts all the way to the 5th circuit court of appeals.

Yep, after moving to rural paradise in Angie, Louisiana approximately 13 miles from the city of Bogalusa, our plans to have Rebecca gain an RN degree started and a life of privacy in the peaceful country side wasn’t to be. There was a group of idiots whose search for wealth didn’t incorporate fame, till now. With thousands and thousands of viewers their riches and how it was obtained have recognition.

A target of corporations and the states our child of 14 was deeply effected as well regarding her education and other life interest by the intentional harm done and being done to her. Why? Major Corporations attempted a disposal of toxins brought fear of total bankruptcy. 

 In cloud form their released toxins landed on our home. The entire town of Bogalusa, Louisiana and its officials went ape-shit crazy. These actions were supported by the corporations and thus sadly our paradise was lost. At her deposition Jane tells me the attorneys insisted on taking a break. She tells me they step in a room next to where the depo was being taken. She asked me what did ground zero mean, because she over heard the attorneys refer to our home as such. So they went off the records among the attorneys to gather facts for their extortion plot. Off the record that is.

With certainty this was a disposal attempt gone bad and an over kill of civil violations against us we endure right out criminal acts to deny our rights to the courts of law. Hello! Later these action came to include use of our claims for awards on going attacks and a refusal to release any of the awards to us for injuries, medical aid or even prorerty damage and loss.

 Attorneys referred to the area we lived at as ground zero. Our blog roll is linked to our  site where we have posted documents not yet placed here regarding use and extortion of this family by the states of Louisiana and Mississippi now supported by the U.S. Justice Department. Can you say politics?

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