How it all Started

The 1995 Gaylord Chemical Release: How Not To Create And Run A Racketeering Influenced Corrupted Organization. Or Is It?  


On October 10th, 1995 a railroad tank car was returned to the Gaylord Paper Manufacturing Facility in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Tank Car UTLX had taken a round trip from Bogalusa, Louisiana to Vicksburg Mississippi and back. By-passing countless safety procedures regarding the tanker’s weight by Vicksburg Chemical Corporation then twice by employees of two major railroad companies as well the  Gaylord Corporation once again after arriving at their facility. A total of 100,000 pounds of deadly N2O4 Dinitrogen tetroxide was transported. On the evening of October 23rd, 1995 it was released as the only means of disposal, creating a state of emergency.

The official state protected corporate reported story, was that a tank car with nitrogen tetroxide had exploded releasing a large cloud of toxins. Not that major corporations just released N2O4 on the public in a disposal attempt. An evacuation occurred in two instances due to wind direction. Persons living on the North West side of the facility then later after dark those living South East of it. A total of 3000 people were evacuated over a two-day period.

A resulting plaintiffs attorney class actions of 24,000 persons sought billions in damages but held no valid claim. In September 1998 Vicksburg Chemical offers $ 84 million for release from the lawsuit. The money is accepted on my name in 1998. In a 1999 trial attorneys failed to show any injuries to class members. Moreover the fraudulent class attorneys, judges, and state court agreements gained a known $330 million which was paid and laundered through the failed class which used our claims alone to acquire. Lost of all property to a toxic cloud not even our destroyed home was never replaced. We were left to die of our exposure symptoms. 

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With the first reports changing after the first week. The protected corporate news of the city of Boagulsa, Louisiana and neighboring state of Mississippi was wide-spread exposures. The disposal plot worked quite well in the city. Even the controled direction of the clouds path was a work of art. It was stopping the cloud which was tricky. The window was time of day, wind speed add the space between the mill and Mississippi state line and when and where it would stop before dark. 

 That’s at least a 20 minute window at my guess. The landing of the monster cloud was at best a guess. Maybe the only thing about it all being a guess. It’s our opinion the landing of the cloud was off. Referred to as ground zero us, our home and property wasn’t given a prayer or even half a chance. On behalf the states the court and attorneys this would be a secretly created fraudulent class-action. That’s their story but it’s not the truth.

 The truth is were involved at the center of the entire event and didn’t get anything but pain, misery and state sponsored attacks. The corporate attempt to have their toxins travel on a North-West wind to a secluded area of Washington Parish Louisiana, descend to the ground and be washed away by the rain which followed wasn’t a total success.

We have called this attempted disposal of toxins a failure.  Reffered to as ground zero we held little chance and given even less right to the court. The initial Vicksburg offer of $84 million and all subsequent awards were made on us. A family of three, particularly the person used for the initial Vicksburg offer which started it all. That would be me.

                                                                                           Robert Marie.

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