WHEN CHILDREN MURDER:  pics 10 020Before we get to the heart of the matter let’s go over the sociology of emotional content. Some of the factors of working yourself out of legal woes like prison or just the running of your nose up someones ass which is often the case in these parts. Murdering someone in Mississippi for the right people and their cause can accomplish both. In an all out hate of us this plot to extort billions the desire to inflict intentional emotional pain those who always wanted to murder an avoid prison work law enforcement . But if leaving the scene of a crime in Mississippi saves you from a state warrant, does accessory to the fact in a murder save you from state charges? Those involved and aren’t in law are cut a deal and are free to roam, for now. And the actual murders of the states accident? They go about their life like there is some type of protective shield around them and no one has a right to complain and what would they feel of the taking of matters to ones own hand the trigger of a high powered rifle from others who have no faith? But no, as for me, vengeance is mine say it the Lord, and he is my Lord. Still that should prove the extent of their childish minds, that because they can’t understand or even believe that God isn’t real. Ass holes everyone of them. And April? Well, when she received the deep to the bone cutting of her arm and leg, she knew life, her life, was about to end. That believing she had the coolest mom and dad in the world and two beautiful children she could only wonder as everyone does at death if given the time to think. Would she ever see them again. But you will my child God promises it and your murders state empowered or not will pay a heavy price with your burning souls with even God’s promise I’ll see it.

april April Marie:  Some say she was a nice and a beautiful person and some speak of her having a beautiful soul. Yet if she were here today so would my disciplinary rules to her in our home as her dad. After months gone by calls come in asking to speak to her. So to briefly recap, April Marie died in a sewer called Marion County Mississippi on December 29th, 2013, between 6:00 and 7:02 pm., in what the state authorities attempted to make appear as an accident. She was struck by an automobile. The incident was first reported by Mississippi Highway Patrol Public Relations on behalf of the state murders, their family and friends. This was done two days before the M.H.P. ever spoke to any eye witness. Since that time there has seen various changes to the lies told but it’s very clear she was murdered and apparently stupid are the state employees. People mean well to tell the youngest child mommy is dead and gone to heaven, till the child says she wants to die so she can be with mommy. I won’t tell you what she says of the law and when she grows up. Perhaps a child will come to understand what these childish adults can’t.

April Nicole Marie

April was supposedly struck by a car no later than 6:30 and died around 7:02 as reported by the coroner. M.H.P. reports local Sheriffs department and first responders were reported dispatched to the scene at 7:22 as reported by the Colombian Progress a local news paper. A claim that first responders were observed doing C.P.R. when the ambulance arrived made for a good story but except for the time of April’s murder and death the paper was soon after collected for removal from public eyes and replaced by others with different news of the day. Their murdering my child came unraveled. Mississippi’s half ass hillbilly government was at work, again.

REPORTS: I’ll lay out the reports here with these words. April was returning home on foot, she was walking north near the turning area of the highway well off the road. Walking with her was Missy. The rumors of April being pushed began soon due to the fact it’s clear she was murdered and didn’t die from being struck by the car. She was hit from behind and any injury would have been to the right side of her body. Mississippi Highway patrol tried aiding in the crime and reported she was traveling south thus leaving questions of the injuries to the left side of her body. The medical report claims massive head injury but there was no apparent swelling of her head hours after the incident that I could tell. April died from bleeding to death. With in the mixed reporting April’s left arm was apparently cut pretty bad and reported by the ambulance but not the hospital they were pushing the car kill. There’s just one deal after another to the tune of the Gaylord lawsuit extortion here and a band of lying, stealing, sorry ass people who feel empowered to murder.

report 1                   report 2                     report 3                       report 4

Ambulance             Hospital                Death Certificate          News Paper

pics 11 069So just as with the murder of a local teen years ago in a school yard, the working of the local new papers hand wasn’t straight in knowledge of the corruption that law enforcement’s hand of state government was doing. They just understand monkey see monkey do and like the greater politicians in Washington that currently citizens simply need to be the target of government corruption. They also understand they are suppose to use Media in supporting it. Media, isn’t news so just remember there is a difference. But hey look at the size of this conspiracy it’s a hillbilly thing. And speaking of assholes. Guess the money needs to be taken and we need to be dealt with before the political change and other politicians ask for their cut in the deal.

jim hoodNow whenever state officials are involved in crime in MS. and it’s often, it’s the AG’s office who would provide the defense of these criminals. The words fair and justice do not apply here when it comes to Jim Hood. His best defense to all state criminal acts has been to prevent the appearance of the crime in a court of law. Since attorneys working the MS. Gaylord extortion against this family are, or were employees of the AG’s office and there can be no doubt that this murder is directly involved with that extortion. The same method to prevent justice is applied. They did it to the young woman, my cousin and now my daughter. I hear there are more. I can’t wait for judgment day, you?

AND MISSISSIPPI: ? Well, with the murder of April thing are getting fixed and a release of her awards to the state, well. The full of greed and election changes fills the mind and bring all sorts of shit out the closet. For years as the state milked the extortion through the use of fraudulent clients it held to it’s patient bill of rights to prevent anyone from questioning the class fraud injuries as well as to deal with the unknowns of what the Gaylord chemicals actually did to someone, that would be us.

Now suddenly the D.E.A. Death Enforcement Agency is in full swing. With the freed up money the state has no use for fraudulent clients so drug bust after drug bust is going down in the county of fraudulent claims. With knowledge that the claims were of fraud so was the need for medication thus the drug sells.  With the known symptoms of DMSO were being attacked as well. FYI. T.H.C. is about the only medical way to slow the effects to the lost of eye sight and the cancer causing properties in N2O4. For the last three months I’ve stop the use of Marijuana which was used to prevent throwing up when we first became exposed to it’s latest use for everything else. Having to use 125 reading glasses for the last three years I’ve had to change twice in the last three months to 150, 175, and 200 and have already purchased the 250 due to worsting vision. Not sure if the absorbing power of DMSO has allowed me to fully clean out but my eye suggest I’ll past the doctors test. What is clear is that the state is on the attack and Colorado is looking better all the time. What a story to be shared with those there. For 18 plus years we have been being treated for being exposed to N2O4, it appears that treatment is nearing an end as the state cashes in.


pics 12 070Just as with other events, the not so clear cut and run leaving the state clear of wrong doings a pattern here follows. Attorneys are up for a wrongful death but don’t want to touch the murder by state cause for any one. So either for emotional effect or saving of asses to the public perception the story and blaming of some other person begins. This post will cover that and two possibilities. One involves an attempted hit and run by the state to murder April. The other the attempted and unsuccessful murder of April which began in the automobile. Both who’s state secrets of events went to shit.

Melissa Pushed April:

pics 9 185As we examine this possibility I’d state now that the address of the person supposedly driving the car doesn’t exist. So let’s question if there even was another person. That the push story was circulated by the gossipers of the county is a strike. A common event of them to spread misinformation by use of law enforcement, the lies needed to misinform the truth. Strike one. Then my step brother Mason and another higher in the organization one of a different race but seeks a means to the same end. He claims to have spoken to the non addressed exist-ant person and claim she told him April was pushed in front of the car. Strike two. A photo of the scene with Missy’s report of events shows the car leaving the road in an intentional steering of the car several feet to the left of the yellow line seen in this photo to hit April. Had April been pushed there would be no need for the car to leave the highway to strike her them make the attempted getaway described by Missy, which caused the crash.

pics 10 037In that the local drug task force D.E.A. followed her (Missy) for three days threatening her to change the story and even hid her in a hotel to prevent her speaking to the M.H.P. clearly the top brass was in on it but the lower boys taking the report weren’t. Strike three. If it was a car strike it’s clear the driver had murdering her in mind and as far as it was said to be the  clipping of April which left the other person unharmed the thought that this was a planned event, state officials meet God! Another foretold promise we’ll see.

The Other Possibility: You ever feel your warrior spirit?  I was asked once if I ever thought of killing myself? My answer was no. Not unless I could take others with me. If it ever reaches a time I seek death it would be from all the wrong done me by ass holes asking for something they have been looking for. In that event I’ll take as many evil son of bitches as possible. After all, If they can stand before God for murder I have no problem being there for my actions against them. I was told that I would be reported to Homeland Security. No doubt that would happen anyway. All U.S. agencies are currently aware of us, I’ve seen to it.. But you can see via our blog roll the Justice Department knows of this so if your smart you know it’s all about using the government authorities to kill us and keep the billions extorted by state politicians. What else could it be? Are they chicken shit of Mississippi politicians? April’s injuries were reported to be a cut on her head and a cut on her right arm. This was reported by the local hospital also used to misinform. The injuries state were there but they were just not the only ones.

Could these injuries be the first. Was April traveling in a car and was attacked by a blow to her head? Knowing the intent to kill her was evident was she like her dad? Try to kill me in a car I’m going for the wheel. If I’m lucky I’d put us in an 18 wheeler coming head on. We all die, and in a moment were before God but your the attempted murder I just killed in defense of my life. That I killed you it was a good defense. A fight in the car could have explained the car crash. Did April know that when the others were taken away to guard against warrants that they weren’t being taken to a hospital? See these question marks they don’t mean a thing. The car didn’t kill April. So witness to the event were removed and taken home. The first responders and Sheriffs department arrive long before the ambulance but no help was given. April’s clothes was changed as her blue sweeter hidden under a blanket and coat given to Melissa was changed for a dark red flannel shirt.  So what was needed of the murderers? Time and it’s evident they used a lot of it. Starting between 6:00 or 6:30 she wasn’t pronounced death till after 9:00.

pics 10 004The Ambulance driver was directed to the body of our daughter after all witnesses were taken away, after the car was towed away, after the highway was spayed clear with high pressure hoses. And long before the highway patrol was called. After she was murdered in a ditch by two large cuts given her she was left to bleed to her fleshly death.  Because the wounds don’t match the first reports the M.H.P. Patrol’s Public Relations division they were told by the AG’s office who would have to defend the murder so a change in the direction of April’s travel was written in a further attempt to hide another one of their murders. And that’s how I see it. In the countless drug busting going on the very first person picked up was the individual who travel to our home to tell us our child was laying in a ditch after being struck by a car and the Sheriff’s department and others did not want to get her any medical aid. I’ll say it again God is good and I’ll love him unto my death, you?


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How’s about a video



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May 20th, 2014 update …… First Posted On December 25th, 2013

There was a lot of shit fed out to the ears which in tuned to the truth heard none. I doubt April was thrown into the ditch from the the car striking her. April knew her murderer he had been at our home before and most likely agreed to what she was being told. The officer had gone above and beyond his damned job, now why would he have done that?  He had won April’s confidence that removing her from the road was safer for her that she needed to be still, that her friends needed to be taken home because of warrants and no doubt she went along with all of it. Was her purse bag taken from the scene before or after her murder? Probably before. After the hit and run failed but the murder had made contact with a higher rankings of the Marion County murder group. The purse returned indirectly to us had leaves in it suggesting that someone may have ran from the car to the woods after the car crash as stated. Perhaps there never was a car strike perhaps an attempted murder of April in the car was the first failure and an ensuing fight caused the car to crash. Eye witness accounts go far when law enforcement uses those with heavy charges to do their murdering. So as the current Sheriffs department refusal to give any cooperation about their persons at the scene we know they are involved. Accessory to the fact. They were as mad as they are stupid, so it’s pretty certain what occurred after the first attempt to murder April failed. But did the murderer blade her alone as she dug her foot in the earth in pain or did it take two son of bitches to hold her down. Looks like her right foot was the only body part not secured during the cutting. In a while we’ll relive the entire incident and further reveal the getting away with murder in this county. The false M.H.P. report and all.



April Marie returned home last week after leaving town for a month and so far all is quite for now. Yeh… Use to write about how things were around here after taking the blue pill and seeing some truth. In our last tale of Alibaba and the Court House Thieves the classvictims were insulted by officers of the state regarding April Marie. Yep these guys pulled up and one said to the other “oh ya, I’ve been here before” Why sure you have, I was the one who called. They had refused to have April removed from our home a few weeks back.  Since my wife sided with my daughter the officer was checking to see if the opposition to me was enough to have me committed. They hung around too trying to talk her into it. My wife won’t go along so we all got to live another day in wonderland. Don’t mess with God though. Shit on me and laugh no one will care and many thieves will be happier. But when you come to my home and tell me a child has more right in it than the head of the house I’m no longer in the equation. Theses are actions against scripture. The female placed over me by state law enforcement ran rampant and for three weeks still I knew none of this would effect me. Call after calls came in and more than a few threats that our child would be killed or found dead for stealing from them the callers. I told them all “Call the law” I won’t.  Her last Court like action was as slick as theirs. Went to a neighbors house and told them my wife and I was arguing and she want to use the phone to call the Sheriffs office. But we weren’t arguing and she never called. It’s claimed she was able to steal over seven hundred dollars, how?  I don’t know. I did see several officers looking the road side from his home to ours for the wallet. And kinda like the judge told Jane about her medical files at a disability hearing. His wallet went to this place were once it’s lost it’s never found again. No Shit! Todd my political prisoner brother in-law has returned from doing time for the state. What can I say he’s gone. It seems a lot of time will be needed to understand what being free means or that life outside doesn’t run like life inside. He’s doing better though. I refuse to support any short cut to making it, when it comes to breaking laws give them nothing and in a few years they’ll be nothing but a more useless cost than they are now and perhaps we’ll see a decline.

A CHRISTMAS WISH: If your up to speed you know the rant regarding the adoption of our grandchildren. And yes they also attack the children if you didn’t know welcome to corporate America. In short the $1,500 paid about three maybe going on four years ago for that adoption a three month process still isn’t complete. Somethings up with that because a court member told me about two years ago to tell the attorney to complete the process. The acquiring of new birth certificates are being withheld. There needed for the re-in statement of insurance. So either the state doesn’t want us to have heirs or dragging around might mean collecting on a class. Does all this dragging around do more than advance attorneys portfolio? Why sure the like of proper action by the attorney has cause a denial of medical aid she once had before the adoption was paid. Now for what reason after 3o plus years my shit was cut off ……..Obama scare? The folks at Humana my insurer didn’t understand either. With all this it’s nice to know we were still able to grant a wish this Christmas. Thank God for all things we have and each other. Mom and I are good the five year old got gifts from some people at her school. April’s been to the school of hard knocks so all is well. As for the 13 year old. “your grand-maw and I have a little money for you” So do you want it or do you want your bad tooth removed? We go to the dentist next week. And that’s how it is under political authority.  So except for those low life pieces of shit that proclaim to be holier/better than thou.                        MERRY CHRISTMAS ….. And just as I start to down load the video clip for our post in walks Todd, breathing heavy and says “my hand is broken” Yep it looks broken at least the fingers look broke.  He tells me someone tried hit him with a stick and he stabbed the person in the neck.  Yeah, that sounds like a prison move. At least I didn’t say he was suffering from his exposure and hasn’t gotten control yet. A couple of calls and it looks like these two knew each other from the inside. Isn’t that nice two guys from the inside promoting employment for others on the outside.                      Happy New Year ..

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As the 17th, year anniversary of Gaylord, Mississippi, Louisiana Chemical dump and intentional disposal attempt rolls around, let’s not forget how it turned into the murdering attacks on this family for money started by the Hinds County Court. The trail of innocent blood goes from New Orleans through Bogalusa, Louisiana where this shit started right on to Jackson Mississippi for court corruption before stopping at our door step to cause as much harm that extorting hundreds of millions would afford. I’m taking this to the grave barring a return of my King. Here let’s look at this once more briefly.

 10-9-2008-84837-pm 10-9-2008-84945-pm So Ali Baba and the forty thieves of the of the Mississippi court say. The Marie Claims were dismissed on January 15th, 1998. OK, who’s arguing this false assumption? By January 15th, 1998 we had been attacked from every angle provided to have us arrested among all the denied rights to our home life and any resolution by the greed driven motherfuckers in our affairs. It’s a damned MS. thing for some placing your nose in the affairs of others. But let’s say along with all the fucking horse shit the court could muster that on January 15th, 1998 with discovery by the court of property destruction the court adds property right violations as we were dismissed. The court should use the order to wipe its ass, or shove it up it, why? Read on.

Yes the Mississippi court of extortion in HINDS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI via its greed driven employees and political friends got rid of us from court actions just as the judge and attorneys planned. Wopie Do Shit!. Look up dismissed it means its all over but wait this is Hinds County so add the baby shit. Then lo and behold Defendants Vicksburg offer up 84 million dollars to the Marie claim. Robert Marie, to be specific. When did this happen? August and September of 1998 remember the discovery is claimed incomplete.

 Not even the wizards of this court could connect the two actions in proving a permanent dismissal of claims. There wasn’t more than three discoveries completed before the attempt to claim dismissal. The greed which sought the dismissal now wanted the money of the claimed dismissed. So the claims were never dismissed or even if they were they had been reinstated for the Vicksburg offer. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY  ????????????????

10-9-2008-92202-pm    10-9-2008-92334-pm  This is the day the court should have settled our shit, but oh no. Greed has no limit. The thieves now see a way to get more. So was the failed trial intentional? The appeal was rejected and all the money went to the court in our name. The state has led the way of this extortion and the justice department gives its support, but that has and never will change the fact. That all monies from this Court extortion event is ours. That the names on actions taken place after the claimed dismissal are ours and they span volumes. Perhaps its been this way for a while but I ain’t from here and if you want to want to fuck me we’ll make a movie and let everyone see it.

Jury Denies Claims      Cover for pleadings index  Cover for pleadings index   Cover Sheet Of Complaint and Jury Demand by David Baria

The trial held on behalf of ALL OTHERS failed. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY ? You are nothing more than fucking thieves in a court house. Even if attorneys withdrew via the courts extortion plot, our pro’se action would have sufficed the demand of relief. Fact is the court used our claims as it wanted for extortion many time after the claimed dismissal.

Filing fee of CIV 251-98-1061         pict0012          Judge Graves' Order

Dismissed my ass. Excuse me it’s time for my medication.

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So we have finally received our files returned regarding April from a law firm which had claimed it had sought a way to bring actions against Mairon County for the countless criminal actions of it’s employee’s. I knew the talk was shit because it always has been. As we’ve posted in an earlier post it isn’t hard to understand who’s behind the killing and stealing of public funds and other crimes. What isn’t understood is why no one from the local agencies all the way to Washington will do anything about it. Marion County murders arresting lesser crimes.


I’m in no hurry to go over the actual fact which caused my child to die in a ditch as Marion County first responders and it’s law enforcement turned a blind eye to her life saving needs or that her death wasn’t soon enough that someone was told to cut her arm and leg wide open to afford faster bleeding.  We issued a letter to the latest firm that they are fired as to be certain we aren’t involved knowingly to some form of further court corruption. Having those records or what looks like a copy it will hold better to prove this so called firm claiming their lie to want a battle with Marion County are fired. So far the death of April is as all things Gaylord Mississippi. What happened to her awards


I’d have to guess everyone thinks they are above having problems with there medication. Although I knew better as were only human my medication went down the toilet drain three times before facing the fact I can’t get around without them. Two weeks after my visit I decided all drugs had to be bad. They sure do cost a lot in time and trouble to acquire them. Thee weeks of laying in bed and even using alcohol to ease the pain so I could sleep. Stop taking your medications and you come to realize each and every part of your body that isn’t right. Both shoulder rotary cups are gone, my right hip won’t allow me to walk or even lay in bed without pain shooting through it all the way down my leg. My entire spine hurts continuously and thoughts of a peaceful death crosses my mind. Maybe I should give the pigs a call and let them murder me, I’d be at rest, they would get to murder again I’d be with my child and they’d be judge for what they are. But no, guess I’ll wager in my life time perhaps the Lord will return give me that new body and off we go.

As sad as it is to me to admit it I’m going to start taking my medications again.. This was the best way to try getting off of them. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve taken them but the pain from the weather changing has become unbearable and I’m not a drunk so good bye alcohol. Jane had quit her job to help with the grandchildren but feels as I do about the medications affording some relief. We’ll try and get the money for her and I to again see the doctor at the same time making payments together. We’ll try to return in June. Over the last few months we’ve had about three E.R. visits and it’s clear to everyone treating us that we’re in pretty bad shape. We are told we must see a doctor because our conditions are chronic. We call it not a joint in our body that doesn’t hurt. What was told us at the beginning of our exposure we are aging inside and all our filtering organs are used up. All I can verify is the pain is terrible and I wish it on all involved in extorting and murdering us.


At the first of the month I was approached by two persons claiming they were with Sims Prosthetic’s they said they were searching for an elderly man who passed away about nine months ago. As I recalled the gentleman lived just down the road they were not aware he had died. Anyways seeing I was an amputee they offered possible service and in accepting a review of their services I was asked to sign medical releases, which after reading I did. Guess it’s no big deal but I’m still to hear from them and so it arises the question of could it have been some other reason they were wanted. Elections are just around the corner.

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APRIL MARIE 7/27/1982   -  12-29-2013

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We have great news for those involved in the Mississippi version of the Inland Gaylord Intentional Chemical Release Hinds / Marion Counties Fraudulent Lawsuit. As documenting goes we are pleased to report the following. Having been forced to live in our toxic infested mobile home and repeatedly having it verified that we were exposed to N2O4 Dinitrogen Tetroxide. We are happy to report that there is no longer any need for medication or medical minoring by doctors for this condition.  After all if anyone living in the chemicals for over a year doesn’t need a doctor why would others. Now we know the class is a fraudulent one, however. The fact remains. Do as we did and just flush those narcotics down the toilet you don’t need them and help the DEA prevention of drug abuse. Think of all the money and trouble you will have saved yourself in attorney fees and the State, Doctor bills, Drug store bills, and tons on DEA needs. After all if those used to settle billions have no need for medication why would you? Hopefully you aren’t yet addicted. The State says the only ones getting away with crime is just us. The Marie’s say the only ones severally injured was just us. Now, there we have it. So Document That!

As of April 25th, 2014 we are still unable to obtain an attorney to the events of April Nicole Marie’s death. The only thing making any sense regarding the documents taken would be some use of our child’s death being connected to the forever pending till we die lawsuit and some means to collect on it. Although the records we hold are more in depth than the Highway Patrol Report or the Medical Documents taken. Other than an attempt to deny the events little explains the refusal by the current unnamed firm to return the originals. Additionally posting the full of documents to suggest stupidity of those taking them might afford more than they need to know. So let’s do it like this, we’ll give time to a recovery and before the limitations expire we’ll post the full. For now.

pics 9 184pics 11 027pics 11 040




Should you ever need legal advise or an attorney always remember to back up all your files and or documents and disk. For example if you receive a simple statement of an attorney on a paper withdrawing their representation, copy it. Why? Well, in our case my wife Jane is somewhat simple minded to the evils around us. Having spoken to a person who claimed his employer is an attorney wanting the cause. The person and his wife arrive at our home about three weeks ago. Although we generally give copies of our papers to attorneys we’ll often call and ask that we be given back a copy of documents to help verify if the attorneys are straight forward with us. The Indian in my half breed body knows that the white man uses white things to kill others. Sugar, Salt, Cocaine and writing paper to name a few.

h&r crash      IMG_20140322_0001

Three weeks have passed since these folks got the originals of our documents given by my wife in my absence. It since has been stated that the person who’s name will be posted should they continue to refuse a return of said papers. Was in trouble with the law regarding for now a form of charge involving a minor. Now a copy of documents will suffice our needs for posting in blogging, However a call to their employer revealed that the attorney they work for seems to be unaware of their actions. That he would speak to them and return my call. Ha,ha,ha. I started writing this after hanging up with him. So before I post the entirety of this with their names and firm name in our future, remember why you should always copy your files and documents. Sometimes it isn’t what you say of your cause that matters  sometimes it’s what a well experienced attorney says that makes a big difference. Example,  your cause can be identified in one simple withdrawal as we’ll show below. And remember your copies can further incriminate if your stolen documents are changed or should you not be able to afford another copy. Here we see the cause of action is clearly against government as with our law suit. Something some attorneys would steal to get their hands on to plea bargain or to connect to some form of fraud.

Top Notch Attorneys  SCHWARTZ & ASSOCIATES, P.A. confirm the following.

2nd Paragraph 3rd Line     Please note………… listed defendant government entity



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MORRIS DEAN:          I doubt that two people were as close as my cousin and I when it came to life in Marion County. My grandmother had raised me but Morris mom treated me like I was hers. Took me to town bought me clothes had pictures made and man the toys. My memory of her as being very kind and having a very big heart. For as long as I can remember till my mom met Mr. Stringer I was nine when we moved.  After losing my right hand in 1980. My employment days gone, it took over three years before accepting I could no longer work do to a life altering amputation. I thought if I could live around a family member because I would be home more than anywhere who would that be. Actually he’s the only one I thought of. Morris was one cool and beautiful soul and it would take forever to share all that he and I went through in the 23 years he lived here. We became known as damned coon asses. This, from damned stump jumpers.

Well, hate to admit that we may no longer have the eye witness statements of those who saw my cousin given a drink in a plastic cup which after tasting poured it out as he began to stagger. I did run into a few items of interest regarding April. It appears that the only copy may have been my work copy of what happened to Morris. Sadly I know of countless pictures lost to the shed being pushed off. We were all close at one time. Law enforcement kind of drew a wedge in it,  the only way out of charges was to rat someone out. It seem to involve crack and alcohol addictions of some in our group who became avoided because they seem to be working for drugs. A copied work bundle regarding the lawsuit was found in the remains of the shed pushed off of my cousin’s property before we moved here along with my run for Sheriff papers. That was one response to Morris death chances are they might have been together. Should they appear in a more cautious search I’ll add to post.

I tried to explain to Morris sister my other cousin that there were pictures of her brother and other items that might be of interest to her. No deal, pull it down push it off in a hole. Alice my mother, had been burning the phone line to turn Morris family back home against me. So I will certainly honor her wish. I had assumed that there was a copy with the safe placed papers, but no. Sadly if I haven’t over looked it, it can’t be posted here. This is what happens when state government stalks you all those things you have or get are as homeless as you. But if memory serves me right.


On the morning of February 9th, 2002 William Stringer arrived at my mother’s house to pick up Morris, he had called earlier. They rode to our resident on the three acres to ask if I wanted to go. I had already plan to stay home and watch tv. Bogalusa La. and I weren’t on the best of terms. Besides it never was explained to me why after two weeks of planning to go to some kind of workshop that was going to show people how to get huge money loans. Why Alice and Jerry decided to go to Dulac La. and visit. Jerry, Morris and Ray was supposed to be going to the workshop together. Back to 2-9-02 am. Batman, Morris nick name for the first four or five years after moving here until everyone knew it. That’s when he became Bubba. Needing to talk we would change names folks in this parts were nosey.

On that morning Billy and Morris left to go to the Bogalusa La. Mardi Graw parade. It was witnessed and shown by program that the street was closed by a certain time I think 11:00 am by which time Billy had left with Morris claiming after his drink to be taking him to a hospital. There was no medical report on a Morris Dean that day. Billy pulled up at our resident around 4:30 pm. He asked me to drive Morris to the hospital because he Billy, was drunk. I rush to Morris just to see my best friend a very blue color and as I tried to pull him up in the seat he was ice cold. I just remember calling his name really load twice before stepping back with unbelief. April and Ricky came out their camper and I yelled to April take Bubba to the hospital NOW! Jane and I took the baby from Ricky as he jumped in the car with April, Billy had jumped in with them. April tells me she called on Morris all the way to the hospital but he never responded. I took pictures all day the next day just to remember how it was when he passed away. There gone also. I saw Billy speaking in an odd fashion with a police officer later upon arriving at the hospital. Morris told me when he left that morning he would see me later and he’s right but I thought he meant it would be later that night. It took over a year to get a death certificate. Listed cause of death heart problem. Not long after receiving the certificate of death the Dr. who wrote it was arrested for countless crimes of people who had died and was discarding human remains he was supposed to cremate in a landfill. Ain’t no rest for the wicked everyone saw. There’s never a day goes by that you wonder if not murdered how long would he have lived and how would he be in his old age?

For weeks before his death Morris had questioned if he should go along with Gaylord corporate attorneys on behalf the states request to get on the witness stand and lie. When he asked me, my answer wasn’t so Christian. I told him that if he wanted to lie that he might get some money. We were cousins and best of friends and we both shared the same interest as well he was a real plaintiff injured by Gaylor and attorneys. We always wanted to live together even when we left to move to Angie La. he bought a camper and moved it behind our trailer. We had already agreed to sharing a secluded piece of land away from the dumb shit. You know dumb shit don’t you? ie, authority via this blog.

After attorneys had asked Morris a second time he returned and asked me what was the crime of lying under oath? To hell with money at that point this is my cousin, friend, brother and I had to speak the truth. It’s called perjury and the fine includes 25 years in prison and the only one’s I’ve seen get away with it was sorry ass lawyers and some who help them. Morris had again returned after another trip to Bogalusa La. to say he told attorneys he wouldn’t lie for them. I told him if we ever got somethings the deal was still on we were going to move to a big piece of property and live the good life. But I guess as it is written we are not promised tomorrow so feel blessed and thankful for whatever time we are given especially when it’s with those we love.


Billy is the Sheriff’s first cousin. Billy had left town with several warrants for his arrest at just the right time. Somehow he was able to acquire a drivers license and a car. His wife’s statement regarding protection from crime included that Bill had at least eight DUI’s and nothing was done ever about it. Ya,  he left her too. As far as the other witness’s we were all friends including Billy. More likely they would still be willing to testify. It seems when the death appears untimely and suspicious it registers as a deeper feeling of lost. Murder is about as deep as Satan’s children can offer. The Sheriffs tells me back then man was placed on earth to punish man.

Our voo doo attorney sent word we would regret ever firing him on Friday the 13th,. Morris death was near the end of a five or more year pattern by attorneys to made life difficult. Very low and behold a lodge and willing servant of the all seeing eye was ready to cash in. The person identified by a group of individuals as giving Morris this drink in a plastic cup was William Stringer. Billy as I called him was always a friend of mine and even after what was discovered I never felt bad toward him, I knew him. I could accept that he was given something and told it was something else to give Morris. Back then Spanish Fly was always being brought up in drink talk and everyone would pull pranks and jokes. At any rate as it is with anyone who would decide to murder someone it’s between them and God. Interstate transportation of  a deceased body and all. We were given papers to appear before a grand jury. The matter was dismissed by the DA. The constant saying in these parts is that “if you want to get away with murder do it in Marion County” As such truth is void.

I’ve learned more violence or doing something stupid before thinking won’t bring back the dead only to fan the flames of government sought discordance. The best one can do among the injustice is understand what happened to a loved one. Other than throwing full cans of beer at me when he was drunk affording reflex training for me. Billy was as harmless as a drunk could be his brother jumped on him once foe wasting a whole six pack one night.  Lol. The days of catching an arrow are gone but those days gone this old man ain’t so hot. Billy passed away about a year from Morris. Hopefully judgement day will reveal how it actually happened.


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