Since sharing evil understandings can be graphic all the more a family member. Let me try this again. Marion County Mississippi, is a place where those who attended school in the late forties and fifties pat themselves and old friends on the back as they please the higher calling of a government to aid in milking everyone to a division of rich and poor, with all agencies wanting the good life. That’s regardless the harm their trash. Dumb stupid logs for a lake of fire called hell and may you burn well. We were hit especially hard due their state fraudulent lawsuit. I did well to explain the dangers of their obsession to all family members. Even recently telling April that this was 2013 and there was a threat and as such I’ll now share last days event regarding my child and our love of and for each other.

In great part it was the questions asked at her death that made a lot of difference. Jane is there any doubt that April love us. No. Was there any doubt we love her. No. Well a claimed accident is just that, and me binging concerned of her soul. And I would add the events upon her return from South Louisiana a noticed change. We got along really well. Like the old days. As Christmas neared she began drinking and we saw less of each other. For the next day or two she’d be in and out. Showing up with friends and leaving. See I had a house rule. When she started partying she had to do it else where. On the day of her death April returned home early for coffee apparently straight as an arrow she stayed home most of that day with Todd and myself till around four o’clock. I clearly recall seeing her walking away then turned to return when Todd’s uncle pulled up to get him I returned inside and heard the truck leave as April and friends did also on foot. They visited a nearby friend before going to a trailer park and returning home by walk.


ap's birthday card to dad

It would be after picking Jane up from work and receiving a call around 7:30 that I would soon see her body again for the last time. So walk with me. We enter the hospital and the commotion is too unreal you have April’s long time Parole Officer of several years claiming to not know who April was. A doctor stating that April’s death was simply a cause by which street people commonly die. A coroner who described April as a troubled person. And all this crap you know they have done something evil so just keep walking it’s about to get real here. She’s dead as indicated by their behavior there is little doubt but not much hope they ask I follow alone. We enter the room there’s a body under a sheet. Earlier I stated the sheet had a lot of blood. But it wasn’t blood like in blood alone. It was a lighter color because of water the sheet was wet. I was shown her arm tattoo’s and those on her ankle as I started to remove the sheet it was folded back for me. Yep it’s April. She died with those beautiful eyes wide open. I love you too sweetheart. Everyone looking for a hopeless expression, y’all can kiss my ass.

ap’s birthday card to dad 1  Here’s what she wrote.

Scripture and our love filled my heart. The child God blessed me with is gone. There were tiny droplet’s of water on all her hair. I saw love and a bit of sorrow in her eyes but whatever she last saw there’s no way she wanted to return. April looked so well that I had to ask why was she dead? I was told a head injury was the biggest cause. No doubt as confirmed what seemed like a small cut was listed to her head. It is the other injuries and the manner by which they were caused which directly caused her death. Although joining the events from recent post of April it could be understood. In this post I will reveal the events as witnessed by the Ambulance responders to the scene. This also being the cause of legal actions of wrongful death.

   april glamour shot

I use to tell April during her years spent in prison if you get a chance to see the moon look at it and think of me two days before during and after it is full because I’ll be looking at it thinking of you. Not to be out done April would put two fingers together and tell me, dad I love you this much and nothing will ever come between it. And I love you.

A CALL FROM UP HIGH:  The car hitting April has flipped and before any spaying of glass off the highway is done the driver is said to have been helped and removed. The car next towed away and then they spayed water to remove the glass from the highway. This is when the Ambulance driver next arrives to get April’s body and before the Highway Patrol is called to be told what to report. Now I’d have to say a lot of people could actually figure out the cause of April’s death with this part of the Ambulance report alone. Other than this I must still hold to revealing the entirety of the medicals and Highway Patrol reports and state need for a closed casket which support what apparently occurred. Understand this plot was devised elsewhere up state and problems fitting the pieces have spoken out load.


Claiming that the radios in the Sheriff’s’ cars and the First Responders’ fire trucks were not working no attempt to give aid by any other means were had. Neither cell phone call or emergency transportation to a near-by hospital or even first aid was administered. April was handled by someone on the scene and the water droplets during the identification of her body explains April’s life was the least of any priority of County employees at the scene. But this isn’t the worse of what is known. It’s evident that she was allowed to bleed out of the action taken on her to a point all her veins had collapse and none would accept an IV. needle. Who were these state marvels? With five persons in this photo shoot and one taking it they had time to call who they wanted. Medical aid, no.

pics 10 020


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Let’s get what the first responder wanted to tell me. He wanted to say that there were all sorts of pills on the highway after the car crashed. He had already told another friend. Now to cover finding an attorney with a false assumption all is normal to the states accident. I’m writing here so as to not clog up the murdering events of December, 29th, a few months ago with other discoveries. We’ll reveal the cause of action to a clear wrongful death. Their act will be called stupid for now. So if the law suit doesn’t still control our life or if this wasn’t done for the law suit we should have no problem getting April representation right? Phone calls start.

ATTORNEY NO.1   attorneys number one were of help in that although they declined to represent April in a wrongful death cause on contingency bases, they did list the defendant as a government entity. Again the cause shown obvious. We’ll cover that reason in April’s death post. It is unclear if these attorneys thought we had received moneys from our lawsuit to prosecute this action before the court. Not everyone knows we got nothing but the all the trouble a state of thieves could create to extort. That evil assumption rides the thought that not even the u.s. government can unlawfully seize a person’s home by toxins and without proper cause yet put nothing pass  group of murdering, lying, trash and that was the courts first conspired action prior to any other action taken.

ATTORNEYS NO 2. attorneys number two are all about games. They were informed of Gaylord with a plea that if this wasn’t connected to the law-suit or especially if it was, that it not interfere with April being given justice in the matter of her death. This firm ask for three days to decide. This turned to weeks and now it’s going on three months and they state they will remain undecided for another month, but in no way would get involved with any other action regarding Gaylord or any other possible insurer other than the driver of the car. Your fired. A chance to present the facts can’t advance via state protection of crimes had. Just the truth.

ATTORNEYS NO 3. Attorneys number three, another in state deal. A call to an La. lawyer afforded a number to an MS. attorney with thought to fly this due to his [ the attorney] being from another county same state. The Classvictim is always left to revel or conceal due any request to any aid as the states insanity of our law suit past ride an obsession . This person being honest his name will remain unknown:

Mr Marie, I’m returning you call. This was regarding a possible wrongful death.

CV: Yes sir,  my daughter was struck by an automobile and Died. Date given, Name and age given.  I was asked  “what happened?”. Well I was given two stories. I’ll give you theirs [ THE STATES] first. The highway patrol says my child was walking with another person south in a north bound lane and was struck by a north bound auto. That she landed in a ditch and died instantly as reported by a Sheriff’s officer.

ATTORNEY: What was the other story? The other story was that a car traveling at a high rate of speed left the highway hit my daughter from behind in a north bound turning lane area as she was traveling north and as the car tried to leave the scene it lost control and wrecked. These events I photographed and have confirmed by witness. That people were reported leaving from the car after it had flipped over a few times. The girl who was with my child was told she had warrants for her arrest and was taken home before being interview by M.H.P. We know that the car said to be doing 50 mph., after hitting our child traveled up hill made driving adjustments traveled through a ditch ripping a large hole from it scattering debris on the highway before flipping. It’s reported that hate and stupidity was to blame for like of medical aid given to April and that the driver left the scene as well as the witness who was taken home.

sterlinAdditionally there were people who lived near the incident who placed a call to a person 21 miles away who knew April and ask him to come tell us that our child had been hit by a car and they didn’t want to give her any help. He arrived at our home as my wife was calling the hospital due a call from April’s friend Missy’s husband when she was taken home. The person reporting this is also currently being placed under state authority.


pics 10 004I met the Highway Patrol Officer at the hospital when identifying my daughter. I was asked to give a number to the person walking with my daughter. The reason I’m telling you is they issued the accident report to the Media before the Highway Patrol ever investigated the incident. About two days before.

ATTORNEY: Good Lord man! This sounds so insane. None of this makes any sense. I’m really sorry for your loss, this just seems impossible! This person with your daughter, is she still around? Well, a lot of folks that were around at he time have kind of scattered about. As far as the girl with my daughter she was followed around by a drug task force member who took her to a hotel but I gave her a ride to the Sheriff’s department to meet highway patrol. She acted funny the whole way. I don’t think she lives around here. Her camper was burnt to the ground about two days after the indecent. Oh, and one more thing. The girl changed the whole story given to Highway Patrol, but none of it fits what happened and in identifying April’s body condition, reports  and change of clothes it’s clear to me someone did a lot of tampering. I feel it was a hit and run gone bad and completion to a planned murder.

ATTORNEY: Mr. Marie I ask that you forgive me but I must ask you. Do you know or someone in you family know if April had someone on the police force or in law enforcement who might have had a personal vendetta against your daughter? None of this makes any sense, I just can’t understand it.

CV: Here’s where we need to stop an examine what’s assumed by everyone. The attorney is certain nothing but an act of revenge was had against April.That there is no doubt the reason to deny help alone proves it, but why? And how could anyone hope to get away with it? It took one word.

The attorney has just heard that our child was killed. That County agencies have for whatever reason withheld medical attention to an injured person. He further understands that a further effort to show that the death that ensued was presented without any concern and the only concern had was by those out a loop of events.  Yet what is being described simply sounds impossible. What appears stated as unconcerned open act of aiding a human being to die the highest degree of political protection would be needed to ever get away with. A wrongful death was certain.

CV: Well, I explained about GAYLORD,  a state fraudulent law suit created long ago was used with our cause to gain awards then we were left to die. That over the years a pattern of attacks began because we are lead plaintiffs to that cause which seeking billions in a class trial which failed all money was place on my family of three now two. The states action which failed still denied us any relief and created a life of enduring  harassment. I’m certain they murdered my cousin.

ATTORNEY: Mr. Marie, I need to tell you something. I’m sorry to tell you we can’t represent you in this matter. I am aware of the classes you are referring to. Our firm handle claims in that cause. Regrettably, your family was drugged into a huge, huge conspiracy in the state of Mississippi. There’s no way we can become involved in this. This thing is very, very  huge.

CV: Hey before you go I really want thank you for your honesty. I did know a lot of folks were involved we were told there would be. I was hoping just for April to be treated fairly. ATTY:  Well good luck.

CV: Notice how the wonder, insanity and the unbelievable events and even the impossible actions of those mad all went away with an explanation, Gaylord Mississippi class action. A corporate political event occurring years ago involving enough money to buy political offices and to stalk an American family of three for 18 years for an opportunity to commit murder one of them at present day. Local hate rears it’s head. Money for every and anything and from a court of law but not enough to abide by law. But hey it’s huge just don’t forget it. It’s huge very huge. More bullshit than most. If huge means the American government is engaged in extortion, murder and other sins it’s not huge it’s old news. shhhhh. Now where did this conspiracy stuff all start…. oh ya.


And the moral to the deal is a question. Does it now appear clearly that any legal concern over some intentional wrong doing against April is relative to the knowledge of April’s Maire’s involvement to the Gaylord / Mississippi, political extortion plot and who would be named and known state actors and their co-conspirators. Now remember why we sought an action. It was said to be an accident no big deal. And in fact those running Mississippi state are no big deal, their just murdering thieves.





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ONE SOUL DISPLAYS STATE CORPORATE EXTORTION OF ILLEGAL STATE ACTIONS BY VICTIMIZED CRADLE TO GRAVE APPROACH     April 1987 With a photo saying a thousand words the worse words  are most our photographs as well tons of filming [VCR format]  of life events were lost to our homes exposure to N2O4, Gaylord.  It’s hard to find the words to describe the following state altered life. When we began our life my wife and I married for four years decide we wanted a child. A boy, or it was gonging back, ha, ha., boy that joke haunted me till I was 52.  Jane told April about it, and that’s enough said about that.

          April Nicole Marie was born on the morning of July 27th, 1982 at 5:48 am. So like all little girl’s she’s loved by the whole family. She’s healthy, she’s growing, all system’s go, mom’s got this. At one and a half years old we talked her out of her bottle which she threw out at the public dump and bragging to everyone about it. By 5 she had been shadowing me for a few years. Rode rocking horse’s, pedal three wheelers, swimming pool and we rode my motorcycle in the yard. There was the care bears, my little ponies and growing up came band practice. Taking more interest in mom than dad, paw, paw dirt tracking, and Morris and my kart, racing combat / gun shooting/ survival training.  Her practice paid off when at five she was made band chair person in 1992 at eleven years of age for the West Marion High School Band. Home of the West Marion Trojan’s, go team.  She remained at that position until we were harassed right out of Marion County in 1995 by the new wave power of the towns old occult. Until this time I’d say life was about as normal as any but the gossiping intent to control was to damned much. I know that’s Satan’s way now but back then it was like damned these nosy bastards and as always the question. Why?

ALICE JERRYALICE AND JERRY STRINGER :  April had always shown a greater maturity then most. A thought that she could stay with her grandmother and remain at West Marion was presented by her and her grand parents as a better choice than taking April away from her school and friends. This by my vagabond mom and step dad. Other than riding Jane and my ass to their short coming Alice and Jerry seemed harmless. By August of 1995 our trailer had been move to Angie Louisiana. No more trying to get me to join the Masons, the Narcotics Task Force, My neighbors had burnt down my home. An assumption I burnt theirs. The repeated stupidity of my home being a foot longer than yours. The apparent set up to some type of arrest. What other people would think of the people I held to. To hell with all y’all shit. Find me a place in the woods and y’all can sever the damned Devil all y’all want. Undoubtedly Alice and Jerry wouldn’t abuse April. They haven’t shown signs of such, their old maybe it will be OK. April clearly doesn’t want to leave her friends and I can’t tolerate having everyone in my damned business all the time.

April baby picBy October we had April interested in a move to Angie. Some friends of ours had moved down to this location months earlier and were caring for horses. The area was part of a big camping resort which had been closed down and the whole place and hoses were ours for the exploring. Alliterative music wasn’t much heard in Mississippi, but in Angie you could jam. April had began spending more and more time with us that she and Morris move a camper trailer behind our trailer. This was the last of our life. I recall thinking all is well. It may take a little time but April as well as Morris will join us out here in the middle of all this peace and tranquility. She will attend the local school and met new friends. Jane’s decision to return to school to obtain a nursing degree is right on spot. My old friend best buddy and blood relative Morris Dean and have got a lot of word ahead of us. For two guys who love the out doors and our whole family’s love for seclusion we were in Paradise.

bog 087If memory serves me right October 23rd, 1995 was just another day. But the only parts to all this that have burnt into my mind from that day are the events had are unfolding which will alter my life. My objections to this was, but what if we live? Not forever, but for years. What about the federal government, Taxes, moving money of the living claiming death among the watchful eye? The criminals usually never pay in this age. You can ask a thief for your money as a reminded to him that he is one.

angieThe release had on 10-23-95 by months end we were sick as a dog. See the road block had turn us away and they said danger but never said there’s a poison cloud on your home. They let us find out on our own before admitting documented knowledge. The area was supposed to be closed due to contamination but the disposal wasn’t yet complete. The State action free of the proper federal agencies was awaiting rain water to wash away corporate evidence.

Rigapatcht before this was the last time I saw the person I’d known as April Marie or A-P taken from her cartoon grape ape. In a few months April’s mom and I will be able to get up out of our sick bed. Nothings right will we ever feel better. What the hell’s going on with our our legal rights?  What’s up with our home ? April’s in school. Alice and Jerry are hanging with our lawyers a lot. Talk has started about something called a class action and we’ll have to wait as a year passes to Jane’s deposition, our first stand which after given were thrown from Alice and Jerry’s home. April would be allowed to stay. She promises to visit every weekend. Hotel to camping. We fire the firm. Our law firm reinstated us with agreement to aid with home till court action was completed he  issued a $700.00 dollar check for rent. We are asked to once more give information. This time it is for a law-firm from Texas.


newkirk stuff6As soon as the firm from Texas felt it had all that was needed to hold a class action cause, which was less than a week. The monthly rental aid agreement rip off. The next time we see April she appears convinced that we are unconcerned about her or perhaps they have shared the they going to die shit. A letter left us to start trouble later revealed, that she now smokes cigarets has a boyfriend had left a message the day before that the law firm wants to met us. Showing her ass about needing a pack of smokes. I didn’t know it was on. April had demanded disciplinary action in a form of physical punishment since a near breakdown of pleads to her went unheard. Not seeing her for two weeks before this she had worked with the Texas firm, her boyfriend and Alice and Jerry. Everyone played their part to gain state control over her.  State actors could use some brushing up but April had shown a willingness to take abuse for what she tough would reward her. Since she shared anything she had gained from helping the state with us, it was clear she held a false understanding of her actions. That these very action of state would back-stab her before murdering her should suffice.  At fifteenth I’d still say it was too much.

ap&meIn 1999 she went from friend to instant enemy of the State of Mississippi, had she not had a child at nineteen she’d been taken sooner.


mdocThe State was as obsessed with her through local authorities as it was with the extortion plot she was connected to. The state playing death to April’s mother and I, did April’s death fit the documented lies of the court to act on behalf of others. In closing post. I met with a first responder who first sent word he wanted to tell me something about the event which ended April’s life. He told me the following when asked. Dale Gram, said ” I wanted to tell you something, but I can’t” I’m sorry.  I’m hard of hearing you said you wanted to tell me something? ” Ya, I wanted to tell you something About April but I can’t because of what’s going on”


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With every fiber the thought that justice in Mississippi will never be I’m going to move the date of revelations in April’s murder to the next few days. Taken their actions and shoving them further you can’t discern the truth without letting them play their little game of we are the political elite. Having extorted and affirming it through their court why is there a need to murder the extorted classvictims? Politics! What if the next next official gets no cut from the extortion? Might they seek prosecution of the extortioners? Based on mentally ill greed maybe they just don’t want to make further political pay offs to others, after all they damned sure don’t want the actual plaintiffs of cause to have any of what totally belongs to them.

For about two weeks now overseas viewers have been blocked from viewing this blog. So when the truth starts coming out you know it. That lying picture of the free and the brave looks more like the desperate mentally ill children of the Devil running a country of his own. I must start by saying no, I’m not upset I’m just placed in a position that the biblical illiterate can’t understand.


43“Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. 44 “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him.

“Whoever takes a human life shall surely be put to death.

“Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death.

“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image

If anyone kills a person, the murderer shall be put to death on the evidence of witnesses. But no person shall be put to death on the testimony of one witness. Moreover, you shall accept no ransom for the life of a murderer, who is guilty of death, but he shall be put to death.


Notice what the qualifiers are for dealing with a murder, kill the SOB or is it SOS son’s of Satan.  Murder isn’t viewed by God as is defense or even an emotional act of rage in response to some evil act. It is the intentional act to murder an innocent person for an ill gotten gain had or assumed. This can reveal who you server to others. To lay in wait for an opportunity to just murder. It’s perfectly right by God to kill a murder. In time he will put the biggest murder of them all away for good. Burn baby burn, better than disco inferno.  They are all caught up in their own horse shit belief that their political position affords them corruption and murder as they please. They will never understand what they can’t hear. They can’t, won’t, and don’t hear a single word which God speaks. God isn’t in their plans just Satan. So where would this leave you? Answer. To defend yourself.

Again, God tells us if we kill these murders these things would stop among us. In 1998 and 1999 we were the only plaintiffs owed the awards from the Gaylord lawsuit. Documents prove this, however with so many Devil worshiping children denying truth and justice the thieves mainly MS. court of law and affiliated state authorities have managed to this day to keep what they have stolen. In 2002 after years of using the 13th, day of the month attorneys took to action upon action  against us in the filing of court papers involving our suit and attempted false arrest.


. The attorney we had was heavy into voo doo so I fired him on Friday the 13th,. Why? Because when the Devil sends one of his over to you. You be sure to mark him. With no doubt seeing all state agencies united in power of evil to attack us. A need to do more than be victimized was apparent. If their going to attack let it be in a pattern. Years later informing the attorneys a day in court revealing this pattern would prove their conspiratorial bull shit better than I could a change in tactics. After changing to an indirect attacks in where I just over looked their ignorance they must to have thought I was unaware when they murdered my cousin. The second pattern they used revealed in the date of his murder. 2/9/02 = 13.

GOD vs. Satan

This was a matter of revelation before the federal court in Hattisburg which meeting was recorded by no less than 3 or 4 recorders which the court claims now never occurred. Yet that revelation was probably the cause of death to the person used to poison my cousin. This person the Sheriffs 1st cousin died about a year later after a few visits in where it was clear his actions had been bothering him. A claimed infection he died after a few days in a Hattisburg hospital. My cousin was poisoned around 10 am: but wasn’t returned to our home till 420:pm cold, blue and dead.

THE POINT: WHEN GIVEN NO CHOICE. My cousin was murdered after he refused to lie on a witness stand for attorneys regarding his chemical injuries and where he obtained them. Which was our toxic engulfed home, which court attorneys insisted was safe in 1996 in promoting their class-action. April was murdered 11 years later. Never a dollar had from the billions collected and never any intent to ever release our awards to us. This blog and written complaints have been forwarded to the justice department and complaints have been filed with this state add to actions through the fifth circuit courts. Clearly these thieves can’t abide by law. If extorting the money and denying medical aid isn’t enough that they feel threatened by some future action by some other politician that we must be put to death we are given no choice but to pursue ANY action to maintain our right to life. Should the need to kill another to defend our life God will already know our position in these matters and our evil enemies as well. In closing we’ll return to the documents and hopefully find eye witness statements given in my cousin’s death for posting before posting events of April’s murder.

With the extortion had and protected by the state authority of Mississippi why must they murder. The only thing which remains appears to be an attempt to murder us before the political landscape changes. Any need to further hide these matters lie with others. Thus the reason our overseas viewers have been blocked and as to the extorted awards little to no action is wanted against these murders. So any thought that these murders wouldn’t do anything to murder us doesn’t register and already we know the state will lie to protect the murders they have used thus far. So there is no need to just sit back playing a victim of the ignorant class war without recourse of a known murdering event looking for an opportunity.


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As the 17th, year anniversary of Gaylord, Mississippi, Louisiana Chemical dump and intentional disposal attempt rolls around, let’s not forget how it turned into the murdering attacks on this family for money started by the Hinds County Court. The trail of innocent blood goes from New Orleans through Bogalusa, Louisiana where this shit started right on to Jackson Mississippi for court corruption before stopping at our door step to cause as much harm that extorting hundreds of millions would afford. I’m taking this to the grave barring a return of my King. Here let’s look at this once more briefly.

 10-9-2008-84837-pm 10-9-2008-84945-pm So Ali Baba and the forty thieves of the of the Mississippi court say. The Marie Claims were dismissed on January 15th, 1998. OK, who’s arguing this false assumption? By January 15th, 1998 we had been attacked from every angle provided to have us arrested among all the denied rights to our home life and any resolution by the greed driven motherfuckers in our affairs. It’s a damned MS. thing for some placing your nose in the affairs of others. But let’s say along with all the fucking horse shit the court could muster that on January 15th, 1998 with discovery by the court of property destruction the court adds property right violations as we were dismissed. The court should use the order to wipe its ass, or shove it up it, why? Read on.

Yes the Mississippi court of extortion in HINDS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI via its greed driven employees and political friends got rid of us from court actions just as the judge and attorneys planned. Wopie Do Shit!. Look up dismissed it means its all over but wait this is Hinds County so add the baby shit. Then lo and behold Defendants Vicksburg offer up 84 million dollars to the Marie claim. Robert Marie, to be specific. When did this happen? August and September of 1998 remember the discovery is claimed incomplete.

 Not even the wizards of this court could connect the two actions in proving a permanent dismissal of claims. There wasn’t more than three discoveries completed before the attempt to claim dismissal. The greed which sought the dismissal now wanted the money of the claimed dismissed. So the claims were never dismissed or even if they were they had been reinstated for the Vicksburg offer. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY  ????????????????

10-9-2008-92202-pm    10-9-2008-92334-pm  This is the day the court should have settled our shit, but oh no. Greed has no limit. The thieves now see a way to get more. So was the failed trial intentional? The appeal was rejected and all the money went to the court in our name. The state has led the way of this extortion and the justice department gives its support, but that has and never will change the fact. That all monies from this Court extortion event is ours. That the names on actions taken place after the claimed dismissal are ours and they span volumes. Perhaps its been this way for a while but I ain’t from here and if you want to want to fuck me we’ll make a movie and let everyone see it.

Jury Denies Claims      Cover for pleadings index  Cover for pleadings index   Cover Sheet Of Complaint and Jury Demand by David Baria

The trial held on behalf of ALL OTHERS failed. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY ? You are nothing more than fucking thieves in a court house. Even if attorneys withdrew via the courts extortion plot, our pro’se action would have sufficed the demand of relief. Fact is the court used our claims as it wanted for extortion many time after the claimed dismissal.

Filing fee of CIV 251-98-1061         pict0012          Judge Graves' Order

Dismissed my ass. Excuse me it’s time for my medication.

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MISSISSIPPI                                                                           LOUISIANA

251-98-1061 Marie  Extorted Into 251-96-493 Listed Under Bobby DeLaughter

No shit y’all got old gray beard ghost working the other end of this shit? Must be the Louisiana / Mississippi conspiratorial extortion. So that’s how you milk it.  Damned y’all think y’all slick. I’m writing for effects. The court got nervous about our money folks and consolidated it to their failed and fraudulent class conversion extorted action. It is said complete but on going. One of many court used oximorons of this extortion. Of coarse Jane was in that action which brings up this next point. In phone talk with attorneys it was presumed it was Jane who was killed with a car? With assumption it was her or me. So in actuality the class is over and the only ones not paid their awards were Jane, April and myself. Not agreeing to court abuse and injustice you murder the first one of us you create an opportunity to do so. Is that about right? April now knows and so does God almighty.

I’ve said it once you demonic dishonorable pile of dung your a thief you old goat. Home boy where’s my money? Did the court have my daughter murdered? I’ve written the court but get no response and since you are assigned this action, well. You know, my step dad said he would get right with the Lord before he passed away but died in his sleep. What’s your plan. Brother you give your actions thought to wanting the death of others to your ill gotten gain. I wish I was as hateful as I was as a child but I grew up, what the hell is Y’all problem. My old retched enemy, must be rough on you having to steal your way through life and all. Don’t be that way you poor old soul you can change here’s how we do it. Got a minute for the Lord?


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Folks coming here to see these crime should consider the many different state agencies it would take to carry out this extortion. So again you can trust God to tell you who your enemies are. While Satan’s little babies are going around murdering and stealing then lying to keep what they stole and being all about the flesh you know who is behind it ie, you’ll know the season and who is working the field.


George Fleming

 The prince’s of wicked darkness are running this state and all who serve them can’t not tolerate what is not in them. The truth. Don’t demonize them. Bullshit, what are we suppose to do. What is this? Well the spirit of Satan dwells in the leaders of the state of Mississippi, and the low level devil’s serve them as a means of modern day survival. Isn’t it something how these attorneys can do all the evil in the world but no one can even force one to simply do the right thing. Sadly y’all have gone as far as evil doers go.

What is a person to think when you say my child was murdered and it can be proven and the attorneys only wants to pursue money from insurance that was said to not even exist. In trying to share the current situation. The level of stupidity needed to accommodate the evil state principalities is more than I will bear. The event’s of April’s death is once more moved pending but I will post that regardless by weeks end or by the first of next week. And folks people who have warrants want to show me their pistols. But at least the gun is theirs so if we have an accident, tough shit.

With MS. it’s always been the same rather simply stop the murdering they just pick their own selective targets now days. So here’s the states merry go round. They say my daughter was killed by accident when she was struck by an automobile. I say OK, but since the state spun her around like a top trying to make their accident look like one and still it doesn’t. The current attorney is claiming a sought for insurance which again has been verified to not exist,  is what they would seek. BULLSHIT, I’ve already checked and been told no insurance and objected regardless their actions to any action on our behalf to aid this state in any fashion to touch any money from our awards should we be needed for such. So the lawyer talks turn to this. Attorney’s ask what did the papers regarding Gaylord Mississippi have to do with April’s death. Exactly! Knowing what lies ahead these leaders do not understand what’s about to happen. Worldly flesh and money ha, ha get some. Back to the grind.

The secretary is angered as she stated their firm will take no action regarding any possible connection to Gaylord and April’s death. Well that’s mighty personal. Really, couldn’t check to see if any moneys listed by the court in Hinds county in April’s name has been tampered with. Well how about our bank account which list April, Jane and myself as having insurance which we were denied.

No their not interested in that as well. So let’s see the only interest here is that we somehow get a cause against a phantom insurance for a little money in the state hit and run murder which the car used crashed revealing those involved. So we could write the murder as an accident? Clearly this would fly but the day’s turned to weeks which turned to month’s and they stated they will need another month to make a decision more BULLSHIT.

So tomorrow I’ll try another attorney and if that doesn’t work. I only see arming ourselves on the greatest assumption that April’s death was had to afford the state money and once it’s gone we will be inline for the next state murder. I’ll try to present April’s life prior to her state kidnapping and the altering of her life before showing how she was murdered. It’s not the we want to go along with a lie about April’s death any more than the lying attorneys wanted regarding the lawsuit. Rather we wish to publicize this state murder with all other we can find. Why are things like this? It’s the new world order of affairs and it’s due to receive a deadly wound. Then with this baby shit out the way, we Christians can battle their god.

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To you children of the devil and those who aid them:  Some have suggested that April’s murder was a matter of vengeance. But for what they couldn’t say because it’s just a lie being told to justify a murderer and his accomplices. Nothing that happens when these evil people are shown to be evil. They use politics the court state powers and evil agreements among themselves to justify all evil done. Was someone murdered in 2004? newspaper 1 Damned what about the taskforce was there a pull out of them back then? newspaper 3 Damned the more Marion County changes the more it stays the same. Ole time power pull can’t let go.


15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


[en-mi-tee] Show IPA

noun, plural en·mi·ties.

a feeling or condition of hostility; hatred; ill will; animosity; antagonism.

Looking at this blog site and you’d think ya, the governments corrupt and clearly most of their wrong doings go unpunished. Some may think that the lawsuit herein is a great enough cause to hate me and my family. That we needed to be controlled form the use of our name to extorted billions right up to the grave which the state, the courts, and countless attorneys agree on as a way to handle their extortion. But if you think this all started with the Gaylord Mississippi fraudulent class action extortion, think again. The biggest problem is Satan’s children and others they convince to aid them as Christians are waiting on the return of our Savior.

I moved to Mississippi at the age of 17 to wed my wife. I had started working at 9 and by 17 had paid in 5 years to my retirement and disability and at that time I was 19 working offshore which afforded the following. A new home, a new Honda 750 cc motorcycle, at least two other good running vehicles a shop behind my home with every tool you could imagine. Our home was built during the same time my cousin by marriage Richard Stringer ( herein after RIP) was having his home built. Returning from a work hitch during that time I was informed that the brick we ordered was in short supply and that there would be just enough to brick RIP’s house. With a sense a 19 year old just moving here could have so much didn’t fit in with those who didn’t work for a living I started to let shit slide. Then recalling that Rip was angry after I lost my hand and was able to receive my disability and he had been rejected for his didn’t really register. It was my understanding you paid for social security that it wasn’t a hand out like it appears today.

Still to my knowledge he has never held a job. His achievements were do to ass licking political advancements.  Guess back then Jerry, my step dad knew I wasn’t one to take shit. ANY SHIT. Man how times have changed he was able to prevent me from killing dumb-shit long enough to gain spiritual understanding. Repeatedly telling me it was just the way of these people when they talked shit. But the wise of the evil to advance in this world leaves no room for God’s knowledge.

After our homes were built Rip began paying me a visit wanting to trade off guns for anything I had to trade. You see there was hardly a day that when by that the Stringer family didn’t want someone to fight with my close neighbors. After two years of seeing that my neighbors were a lot less evil that those wanting trouble with them. That was the first crossed words had with Rip. Was I viewed as stupid? Me doing something to someone else is something I’ll have to answer to. My neighbors attacked and eliminated next I’m eliminated by the court. Rip would next glorify himself as he does when using others presently. After he became Sheriff and the locals took to their political ass licking ways with him, anyone including the school where April attended sought to threat us unfairly in all matters. April’s non absent A+ all year long met with no award at the end of the school year. Then after starting the biggest drug dealing business from the Sheriff’s office ever had Rip wouldn’t give it a break. I hide no feelings against the known evil this bunch were doing. So Rip’s request I join his drug taskforce fell through the reported fact that he was seen with one of the biggest drug dealer of the time and when they seen my friend they dug out of the location heading different directions. Can you tell what this means?

It was clear what was planned here. Rip’s getting away with murder shit was going to be applied to me. So next we had the events around the murder of the young girl in the school yard, the reporting of a drug dealer which was said by Rip nothing would be done about it. And except for more drugs and killings nothing was. The request for my step brother to murder someone on Rip’s behalf. Rip’s repeated saying that he wouldn’t be the one to do evil but he could get someone else to do it left me understanding an evil that he could blind others more stupid then he is.  The countless attacks on anyone young enough to vote and who wouldn’t vote for Rip was being arrested left and right. Then the hate of coon-asses really showed up in the constant harassing of a friend who did 5 years for a weed roach because he was from Louisiana. A place and people Rip knew nothing about.


Then there’s the court lie that we lived just down the road from Rip when the cloud of toxins landed on our home. Sure we did. Wonder how much the low life piece of shit got for that. So add his pay check and what is coveted to his lawsuit to his taskforce money to getting away with killing others if you can’t see who this person is you never will. And this pattern to not just kill and escape prosecution is with these people but to then next try to place blame on others. Like putting his name on every building in this town this bunch are like scribes re writing the bible they want their history of events written like this world won’t end. Why, all that talk of murdering being done by law enforcement would go away if you could just put the blame of it on someone else.

Rip ie,. Richard Stringer decided long ago that he couldn’t control the hate that consumes him for me and coon-asses in general. He will also lose to the other, that which consumes. How much of what he is has been had through his false doctrines and beliefs lays with him and other children.  God knows how many deaths he is involved in but to be in lined with others to build a temple for Satan to stand in, as he claims to be god is about as shity as it gets.. And what many don’t understand is that God is simply responding by a re-action to the actions of Satan’s children.

It appears now that Rip empowered by Satan has his hands on others to do his bidding. Blind leading the blind. If social stupidity is all they have OK, but it looks like Rip and his goons are starving for some kind of attention I can’t give them. Satan’s children will continue to bruise the children of God as he did Christ’s heel at the cross but you boys and girls might want to get a helmet because there’s a head bashing coming. Being told that I’m wrong for having no respect for law I’d have to ask is that what you call the evil bunch of demonic stealing murdering sorry asses shit being done by Marion County and State authority is law? Lake of fire no it isn’t.  Moses gave us law and you’ve even stolen that seat as well. Brace yourself and breath don’t forget to breath. Later in the week I’ll tell you how they, the state, local law enforcement, first responders and news paper worked together to murder my daughter. IMG_20140322_0001


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MORRIS DEAN:          I doubt that two people were as close as my cousin and I when it came to life in Marion County. My grandmother had raised me but Morris mom treated me like I was hers. Took me to town bought me clothes had pictures made and man the toys. My memory of her as being very kind and having a very big heart. For as long as I can remember till my mom met Mr. Stringer I was nine when we moved.  After losing my right hand in 1980. My employment days gone, it took over three years before accepting I could no longer work do to a life altering amputation. I thought if I could live around a family member because I would be home more than anywhere who would that be. Actually he’s the only one I thought of. Morris was one cool and beautiful soul and it would take forever to share all that he and I went through in the 23 years he lived here. We became known as damned coon asses. This, from damned stump jumpers.

Well, hate to admit that we may no longer have the eye witness statements of those who saw my cousin given a drink in a plastic cup which after tasting poured it out as he began to stagger. I did run into a few items of interest regarding April. It appears that the only copy may have been my work copy of what happened to Morris. Sadly I know of countless pictures lost to the shed being pushed off. We were all close at one time. Law enforcement kind of drew a wedge in it,  the only way out of charges was to rat someone out. It seem to involve crack and alcohol addictions of some in our group who became avoided because they seem to be working for drugs. A copied work bundle regarding the lawsuit was found in the remains of the shed pushed off of my cousin’s property before we moved here along with my run for Sheriff papers. That was one response to Morris death chances are they might have been together. Should they appear in a more cautious search I’ll add to post.

I tried to explain to Morris sister my other cousin that there were pictures of her brother and other items that might be of interest to her. No deal, pull it down push it off in a hole. Alice my mother, had been burning the phone line to turn Morris family back home against me. So I will certainly honor her wish. I had assumed that there was a copy with the safe placed papers, but no. Sadly if I haven’t over looked it, it can’t be posted here. This is what happens when state government stalks you all those things you have or get are as homeless as you. But if memory serves me right.


On the morning of February 9th, 2002 William Stringer arrived at my mother’s house to pick up Morris, he had called earlier. They rode to our resident on the three acres to ask if I wanted to go. I had already plan to stay home and watch tv. Bogalusa La. and I weren’t on the best of terms. Besides it never was explained to me why after two weeks of planning to go to some kind of workshop that was going to show people how to get huge money loans. Why Alice and Jerry decided to go to Dulac La. and visit. Jerry, Morris and Ray was supposed to be going to the workshop together. Back to 2-9-02 am. Batman, Morris nick name for the first four or five years after moving here until everyone knew it. That’s when he became Bubba. Needing to talk we would change names folks in this parts were nosey.

On that morning Billy and Morris left to go to the Bogalusa La. Mardi Graw parade. It was witnessed and shown by program that the street was closed by a certain time I think 11:00 am by which time Billy had left with Morris claiming after his drink to be taking him to a hospital. There was no medical report on a Morris Dean that day. Billy pulled up at our resident around 4:30 pm. He asked me to drive Morris to the hospital because he Billy, was drunk. I rush to Morris just to see my best friend a very blue color and as I tried to pull him up in the seat he was ice cold. I just remember calling his name really load twice before stepping back with unbelief. April and Ricky came out their camper and I yelled to April take Bubba to the hospital NOW! Jane and I took the baby from Ricky as he jumped in the car with April, Billy had jumped in with them. April tells me she called on Morris all the way to the hospital but he never responded. I took pictures all day the next day just to remember how it was when he passed away. There gone also. I saw Billy speaking in an odd fashion with a police officer later upon arriving at the hospital. Morris told me when he left that morning he would see me later and he’s right but I thought he meant it would be later that night. It took over a year to get a death certificate. Listed cause of death heart problem. Not long after receiving the certificate of death the Dr. who wrote it was arrested for countless crimes of people who had died and was discarding human remains he was supposed to cremate in a landfill. Ain’t no rest for the wicked everyone saw. There’s never a day goes by that you wonder if not murdered how long would he have lived and how would he be in his old age?

For weeks before his death Morris had questioned if he should go along with Gaylord corporate attorneys on behalf the states request to get on the witness stand and lie. When he asked me, my answer wasn’t so Christian. I told him that if he wanted to lie that he might get some money. We were cousins and best of friends and we both shared the same interest as well he was a real plaintiff injured by Gaylor and attorneys. We always wanted to live together even when we left to move to Angie La. he bought a camper and moved it behind our trailer. We had already agreed to sharing a secluded piece of land away from the dumb shit. You know dumb shit don’t you? ie, authority via this blog.

After attorneys had asked Morris a second time he returned and asked me what was the crime of lying under oath? To hell with money at that point this is my cousin, friend, brother and I had to speak the truth. It’s called perjury and the fine includes 25 years in prison and the only one’s I’ve seen get away with it was sorry ass lawyers and some who help them. Morris had again returned after another trip to Bogalusa La. to say he told attorneys he wouldn’t lie for them. I told him if we ever got somethings the deal was still on we were going to move to a big piece of property and live the good life. But I guess as it is written we are not promised tomorrow so feel blessed and thankful for whatever time we are given especially when it’s with those we love.


Billy is the Sheriff’s first cousin. Billy had left town with several warrants for his arrest at just the right time. Somehow he was able to acquire a drivers license and a car. His wife’s statement regarding protection from crime included that Bill had at least eight DUI’s and nothing was done ever about it. Ya,  he left her too. As far as the other witness’s we were all friends including Billy. More likely they would still be willing to testify. It seems when the death appears untimely and suspicious it registers as a deeper feeling of lost. Murder is about as deep as Satan’s children can offer. The Sheriffs tells me back then man was placed on earth to punish man.

Our voo doo attorney sent word we would regret ever firing him on Friday the 13th,. Morris death was near the end of a five or more year pattern by attorneys to made life difficult. Very low and behold a lodge and willing servant of the all seeing eye was ready to cash in. The person identified by a group of individuals as giving Morris this drink in a plastic cup was William Stringer. Billy as I called him was always a friend of mine and even after what was discovered I never felt bad toward him, I knew him. I could accept that he was given something and told it was something else to give Morris. Back then Spanish Fly was always being brought up in drink talk and everyone would pull pranks and jokes. At any rate as it is with anyone who would decide to murder someone it’s between them and God. Interstate transportation of  a deceased body and all. We were given papers to appear before a grand jury. The matter was dismissed by the DA. The constant saying in these parts is that “if you want to get away with murder do it in Marion County” As such truth is void.

I’ve learned more violence or doing something stupid before thinking won’t bring back the dead only to fan the flames of government sought discordance. The best one can do among the injustice is understand what happened to a loved one. Other than throwing full cans of beer at me when he was drunk affording reflex training for me. Billy was as harmless as a drunk could be his brother jumped on him once foe wasting a whole six pack one night.  Lol. The days of catching an arrow are gone but those days gone this old man ain’t so hot. Billy passed away about a year from Morris. Hopefully judgement day will reveal how it actually happened.


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