As the 17th, year anniversary of Gaylord, Mississippi, Louisiana Chemical dump and intentional disposal attempt rolls around, let’s not forget how it turned into the murdering attacks on this family for money started by the Hinds County Court. The trail of innocent blood goes from New Orleans through Bogalusa, Louisiana where this shit started right on to Jackson Mississippi for court corruption before stopping at our door step to cause as much harm that extorting hundreds of millions would afford. I’m taking this to the grave barring a return of my King. Here let’s look at this once more briefly.

 10-9-2008-84837-pm 10-9-2008-84945-pm So Ali Baba and the forty thieves of the of the Mississippi court say. The Marie Claims were dismissed on January 15th, 1998. OK, who’s arguing this false assumption? By January 15th, 1998 we had been attacked from every angle provided to have us arrested among all the denied rights to our home life and any resolution by the greed driven motherfuckers in our affairs. It’s a damned MS. thing for some placing your nose in the affairs of others. But let’s say along with all the fucking horse shit the court could muster that on January 15th, 1998 with discovery by the court of property destruction the court adds property right violations as we were dismissed. The court should use the order to wipe its ass, or shove it up it, why? Read on.

Yes the Mississippi court of extortion in HINDS COUNTY MISSISSIPPI via its greed driven employees and political friends got rid of us from court actions just as the judge and attorneys planned. Wopie Do Shit!. Look up dismissed it means its all over but wait this is Hinds County so add the baby shit. Then lo and behold Defendants Vicksburg offer up 84 million dollars to the Marie claim. Robert Marie, to be specific. When did this happen? August and September of 1998 remember the discovery is claimed incomplete.

 Not even the wizards of this court could connect the two actions in proving a permanent dismissal of claims. There wasn’t more than three discoveries completed before the attempt to claim dismissal. The greed which sought the dismissal now wanted the money of the claimed dismissed. So the claims were never dismissed or even if they were they had been reinstated for the Vicksburg offer. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY  ????????????????

10-9-2008-92202-pm    10-9-2008-92334-pm  This is the day the court should have settled our shit, but oh no. Greed has no limit. The thieves now see a way to get more. So was the failed trial intentional? The appeal was rejected and all the money went to the court in our name. The state has led the way of this extortion and the justice department gives its support, but that has and never will change the fact. That all monies from this Court extortion event is ours. That the names on actions taken place after the claimed dismissal are ours and they span volumes. Perhaps its been this way for a while but I ain’t from here and if you want to want to fuck me we’ll make a movie and let everyone see it.

Jury Denies Claims      Cover for pleadings index  Cover for pleadings index   Cover Sheet Of Complaint and Jury Demand by David Baria

The trial held on behalf of ALL OTHERS failed. WHERE’S MY FUCKING MONEY ? You are nothing more than fucking thieves in a court house. Even if attorneys withdrew via the courts extortion plot, our pro’se action would have sufficed the demand of relief. Fact is the court used our claims as it wanted for extortion many time after the claimed dismissal.

Filing fee of CIV 251-98-1061         pict0012          Judge Graves' Order

Dismissed my ass. Excuse me it’s time for my medication.

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One  of the things noticed around the time of April’s death was the fact the moon phase had offered some occult’s a chance to perform their blood rituals.  You decide since her death was the intentional cutting and bleeding to death of her body portrayed by the state as a failed hit and run.

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HERE’S A VIDEO TO HOLD THIS DATED PLACE TO BLOG.  I’ll be back with photo’s and a few more stories from Satan’s children regarding this murderous political state extortion  and what others claim we have paid for thus far as well as the New World Order. The mark of the beast should you wonder is nothing more than the acceptance of doing away with the old laws and with your mind accepting the new way. What was wrong accepted as right. Doing away with constitutional and personal rights as well as the current re-writing of God’s word the bible by direct descendants of Satan and his children through Eve.  The flood of lairs has begun attempts to wax cold the hearts of men full flowing. So if what shown here on this blog seems OK to you, you might be an idiot. Satan being an evil supernatural being an angle to take your soul are you stupid or wiser than the Serpent.




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So when it was explained to me that the returned application for a grant to go to school in an attempt to gain a law degree expressed a negative. The reason because there was no record that I was a U.S. citizen smelled of the lawsuit extortion. It took a few years and an ex-army person who dealt  in records searching to explain the meaning of my being flagged or the flagging of anyone not working for the C.I.A. or other spy agencies. This action was simply a way of hiding the existence of the person. In- where spies were flagged to hide their identity, a common person being flag was just the way government rushed the desired death of someone to the assumption they never existed.  So having been flagged since 2001 the state fraudulent class action extortion raged on.

Sara's 1st bday

No doubt there had to be a chance that the repeated statements we would die by 2000 might not be correct. After all we constantly reminded the attorney buzzards and their doctor and court counterparts that the chemical we were exposed to wasn’t what wasn’t being reported. Give us whats owed and leave us be but no. The extortion plot had no one other than us and our injuries to gain the amounts sought for by the States. So move ahead to present day October 1st, 2014.  We are made to appear we died in the year 2000. April Marie our only child would have also been our only heir. This is why even after being dismissed of false charges three times by 1999 she was re-arrested in 2000 and held [ kidnapped ] by the state for thirteen more years on a five year charge.


Waiting for our death to be actual and factual the state of Mississippi having written us as dead held the heir of those billions.  In 2013 Robert and Rebecca are still alive. April is released from prison but is told she has all sorts of fines and cost owed to the state through MDOC. The Mississippi Department of Corrections. As the end of 2013 nears April is no longer spoken to of fines or other money such as an $800 dollar wrist band she is said to owe to the state. Her mother and I try to warn her to be cautious that she’s been held for thirteen years that it’s 2013 and that the entire extortion used the number thirteen and those links to the Masonic 13th Lodge of murders and corruption that runs Marion County on behalf the state conspiring against us.  April shows no fear and stated her only concern is for her children and that should she be murdered her mom and I would give them care.

At April’s death it occurred to us that she owned nothing but a certificate that showed she had completed her MDOC required time served. It was the only thing she gave any interest to. What she made of the life the state left her wasn’t going to be spent in fear. Sadly there wasn’t a lot of clothes, tv, radio cd’s, make up, nothing. She left as she came. A recent attempt to gain survival benefits for her children did little more than prove she was murdered by the state and we will up-date some county improvements soon. The application states that I am dead and there is no record that April’s children are hers.

bc sara


birth certificate amber






In closing I confess to not knowing all things. I do know that those who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven are destine to a lake of fire. My hope is that conspirators join in that. All flesh will die but only those souls failing to overcome will perish for eternity. The murderer of my child, for all the glory given or whatever payment was given they best enjoy all their current life offers. Killing me means nothing more than killing anyone who has not failed the worst of temptations of this life. However thinking one is some sort of bad-ass when knowing their death will send them to a lake of fire and everlasting torment. Now that’s a little different isn’t it. The best thing is that it has never mattered if a person believes or not. It will never change what God states will, not maybe, not could be, but what will come to pass.






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There was once a blog site of attorneys up north who as others when they found out the why’s and what about the reason unlawful but for the good of the ole lawyers club, that my understanding of what was being done to us was like the Band REM trying to write alternative music, like “What’s the frequency Kenneth”. It’s a judicial gossip and attorney sidebar confession rag on print. Looking through once I stumbled on an allegation we were insane to which I was allowed a response, what a waste of time. I’ve wondered if those in the deep end of an age ending were as blind cold to the truth as they seemed or if it is as it was? A group of self glorifying butter my bread thinking attorneys are better than…  You’d think that they’d be just one honest attorney on the planet, but no and here was a whole group. REM also wrote a song about “Losing my Religion” Hey all I can say is no one still says a word because how much smarts does it take to identify lairs, thieves, murders. You know lawyers and those whom the bible describe as Vagabonds ? Oh, wait they don’t know the bible, that’s right. It’s been years but maybe their still there if judicial bullying floats your boat.



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It is truly amazing that not many people haven’t caught on to what ISIS and the empowered world is up to with these latest actions in their rise which began years ago. Once you’ve written a few things that others find odd to the norm it get’s a little easier when you understand sometimes it doesn’t mean a thing. You come to realize that it never mattered if others agree or not, because if what you think is right that’s just the way it is even if others agree or not. Several years back I was going to spend time writing of something that appeared to be self evident to me. The problem was that very few others agreed with what I was blogging of. So I’ll do it one more time.


For what it’s worth I’d say my life as a kid was different to say the least. Growing up in a very poor family holding a high bit of respect from my uncles and aunts. By the time I was eight I understood that my dad was a person of wealth and everyone admired him greatly. Feared for his tempter he was rich. The only place that didn’t play out so well was in my neighborhood. Envy of a suspected life I was believed to inherit was just a grand delusion of others. I never ever had any belief that I would ever be a made man because of my dad. I never wanted that. My grandmother was my support and through her I was introduced to the word of God. And any bad times I had as a child because of a wealthy racist white man or a family who thought themselves better than the Indian’s of south Louisiana, with me being a half breed, that was life. Or the countless times I fought bullies from my neighborhood who thought I was going to become rich. It all changed with a Scripture which read God is a Father to the Fatherless. As I took that to my heart then it’s been there all my life I’ve never let go. The point is that what occurred to me as a child is being repeated with these state bullies and this lawsuit. My past was training so as not to disrupt my duty as a Christian to teach as a child of God requires me to do. So judge this for yourself.



I now see things others don’t agree with, like this thing about ISIS. What is seen is supported by too many verses to place here. Right off, the world doesn’t want to call ISIS, ISIS. The name game is played to protect the Islamic State In Syria. Why? Because Syria is a center of operations for a global takeover. No U.S. boot’s on the ground, why? To arm a global force for war, fighting in the center of operations would disrupt the real intent to arm and further support ISIS, as well hamper delivery of arms. All over the world soldiers and weapons will be given to ISIS, why? Because it is the final season of this age. Even with the claimed threat of ISIS the U.S. government still continues to suggest it will have use for all the anti citizen hardware owned by America . Along with Media support of government abuses of Americans and an opened border to the south the recruiting of ISIS fighters is full blown. With a sought for need to implement an anti American force that will be revealed in time what it really is ISIS. ISIS and the New World Order began in 1980.


Most churches, bible scholars, and religion understandings disagree with the following. Still it may not matter. The actions of the four horses of the book of Revelation as believed by most religions are said to began after Antichrist arrives on the earth. But that isn’t what the word of God says. Since Satan is the Antichrist and his deception is to have the world worship him as Christ this will limit the violence the world mistakenly believes will occur when he rules. The Devil comes in a time of peace and prosperity. It isn’t till after the deception of the world that he is revealed. So briefly this is how ISIS came to be and what ISIS really is. When asked what signs would be given to know the end was near Christ doesn’t speak of Satan being the start of the end, he speaks of a man and Revelation associates the start of problems with the opening of seals and four colored horses. As I read the word it flows well to a point where the flow stops and the next sentence of the verse connects to other verses which once connected continues the flow. There are to many to list but to the point we are in this world currently this is what we have with ISIS.


I say many people know this but haven’t seen what will be pointed out. With just a little remembering of what was taught we can recall a man would come to deceive the world, he’s not Satan but like John prepared the way for Christ and as Satan mocks Christ, we can conclude a way for the Devil will be prepared. As the end doesn’t start with Satan but a man. The first White Horse appeared to be to me was Ronald Wilson Reagan 666, came in the name of peace through strength, treated as a American king and his ongoing implemented economics, military, and drug war through George Bush continues to conquer to this day. Red Horse. Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall. With the collapse of Russia a way was made for the New World Order of George Bush, of skull and bones  The NWO was given power through NATO. The power of NATO was increased in every avenue on earth. Here at home we have Homeland Security. The bible says the horse or the NWO power was given a sword to kill. Again there are many other events connected but a major event is not yet until it establishes a bitterness among the people of the world which we have now to the point they will create a locus Army. It will take as long as the current leaders of this Army feels it needs by political stalling to create an army to take over the entire world. It’s soldiers will come from every corner of the earth in every country on the earth. Everywhere Christians are hated. They will have the mindset that this Army is the only answer to the worlds problems and they will work that mental belief with their hands. How do they get there?


Barack Obama’s action in the world regarding ISIS is questionable. Not to be alone in his actions to stall a war against ISIS it’s with other scriptures of this end of age Army that reveals hope for Christians that the Vials, Plagues, and Trumpets of the bible are upon us. Why isn’t there more action against ISIS? Because perhaps the black horse of Revelation protecting the oil, as with BP the Gulf suffered toxins as many attorneys benefited the court actions of the spill. Other verses notes wine, wheat and barely with the higher cost of food we have now. It is said Obama is half white and half black, he is an attorney, he wants to spread the wealth of the U.S. among it’s people and give health care to all. These signs of balancing are enhanced by working in every manner to allow ISIS to become more powerful. Where has all the money gone? Why are there rumors that fort knocks has no gold? If the action of the black horse is to bring balance to the ISIS LOCUS ARMY. ISIS has chosen the U.S. as it’s enemy. So one could wonder if the ultimate balance sought for by the Locus Army and everyone with the thought of creating it in their mind is to actually balance a power equal to the U.S. for world domination. ISIS isn’t really against America, ISIS is against Christians. Those against Christians can be found everywhere.  Here locally we witnessed an innocent man arrested tried and found guilty for a murder everyone knows he did not commit.


ISIS EVERYWHERE: In a big world of evil actions this little trial at home might not seem as big a deal as it really is. However, could the spirit of Satan be gathering his children? Look at what is had with this action we reported regarding Duke Polk. A group of people committed and evil act to charge an innocent man. It provokes the common decency of the people, it invokes the angered embodiment of evil. It calls upon any evil act to revenge the wrong done. It stands to deceive a christian to sin. All this supports an upraise of the people to riot the government. A government which has armed itself to the teeth with a desire to do noting but evil against all people. To any people who won’t join their mindset, who won’t serve their Locus Army, who won’t commit evil acts against the enemy of ISIS. In short those who won’t act against Christians. ISIS isn’t just in Iraq or Syria, ISIS is in our military, our law enforcement, our churches. Anywhere the bible isn’t understood and Christians can be brought to flesh or spiritual death. The recent event to falsely accuse an innocent man was the works of  human minds that have accepted the ways of ISIS the Devil and have done his works with their hands. This is the mark of the beast in their heads and hands.

WORDS TO CONSIDER: And the disciples came and said to Him, “Why do You speak to them in parables?  He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.

LOCUS ARMY : With a key he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. The waters which you saw are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.  For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.

THEIR KING: And they had a king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon. SATAN. 

GOD’S ELECT:  They were commanded not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

WORLD WIDE DEATH:  When He opened the fourth seal, I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him.





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A short on a little state in America verses this big ole world.


You’d think with the money woes of countless states and the increase of the national debt you’d hear of arguments over funding state projects, or if improvements were being made among the struggles of a state,  that the pride of accomplishments would be news headlines. A local look at the media reflects the battle with higher demonic principalities as described in the bible as we report Marion County’s Progress.

Digital CameraDigital Camera Digital Camera



Repairs and replacement or even cost isn’t noted to the local or state media regarding bridge construction in Marion County. Jesus Christ’s blood cleansed the sins of the world and granted Salvation to whom so ever will follow him and serve God. In remembrance of our child April Marie, I understand we bleed their need in extortion of a bridge or two. Praise and glory to the most high God. Amen!


Should anyone question what happened regarding the “Before I Tell You Of ISIS” post this should explain. However please understand that in all fairness. In my opinion anyone wanting information of a lost loved one should not be left to suffer in wonder. We have nothing to hide where as God sees all. The request which is sought for here makes absolutely no sense regarding any discovery of concluding what occurred. Should anyone with true concern of the facts be interested please inquire as there is no apparent action by the state to peruse any possible criminal act by the state of these matters or an understanding the photos speak volumes regarding the event.

  1. Sara Hinton says:

    There is a mother that is grieving and trying her best to have better days. While she wants answers and justice she CAN NOT handle seeing these pictures. I know you have the freedom to do whatever it is you want but if you have a heart at all please remove the pictures. Someone has already anonymously sent her the bullet hole pictures and the other would break her even more than this tragic situation already has. I BEG YOU…PLEASE TAKE DOWN THESE PICTURES! We can’t stop her from seeing them if they are on the internet and now that she knows they are out there she will look because she desperately wants to have some understanding but this is TOO MUCH! Please Please Please remove them.

  2. Sara, I’ll give your request a consideration. However, I ask you consider what is going on in Marion County and how many innocent people are losing their lives to the insane action of hose suffering narcissism. You say this young man’s mother wants answers, you say she is searching the Internet. So as I understand this you would rather she make useless searches as everyone gossips around her about a possible crime which took the life of her son. Wouldn’t that increase her sorrow? If you say she knows of pictures which she has not seen you confess the gossip being had. I know the pictures are graphic but they do reflect the mindset of Marion County law enforcement and their relationship to the media and higher state authorities who allow this form of behavior. Perhaps you know of stories of how and why the Marion County Sheriffs Office went about murdering our Child. Maybe we should remove all pictures of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from public record. I can’t tell if you are a friend or family or if this request comes from those who don’t want the facts known. Tell you what if you will respond to my reply comment I suppose this post has served to inform others what Marion County is really all about. So how about it, you hear anything about our child?

  3. Oh and by the way, I know all about a grieving mother. That would be my wife. I would add that my daughter had two small children. I send no pictures out. God tells us to seek for what we want to find and he always makes a way for his children to know. He never leaves them wanting. Although I know what happened to my child the promoted gossip reveals much to me.

  4. Sara Hinton says:

    I am one of the best friends to the mother of Pwe. I answered a phone call yesterday of her sobbing after receiving an email of one of the pictures you made public. She is broken by the loss of her child but there are some thing no mother should have to see such as a blood soaked bed where her baby boy once slept. If your wife is a grieving mother you should know how you want nothing more than to protect her from horrid sites like these. Her husband, herself, and I send this request. I assured her you were not speaking ugly of her child but defending him. She does not want these pictures public. She wants justice and wants people to stop calling her with rumors and assumptions. I don’t ask that you remove the blog post. Just the pictures of the site where her son was killed.




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One could conclude that a little town who’s people sought the wealth and power as well prestige of bigger towns by it’s state and federal employees a conspiracy support by the highest forms of government must really be swelling of heads. And yet the playing of it being a secret, well, so much for that. Jane has once more filed for and been denied social security. Her ear drum has ruptured again and will need surgery. Along with a back surgery, Inflammation, Arthritis and other post toxic systems her condition gains the state billions but doesn’t afford her medical aid. The denial claims that for her age she hasn’t the needed amounts of credited payments, yet the needed amount paid in when she was younger as listed now to be enough wasn’t enough then. Scripture says God will replace all that has been taken from his children but alone with that I want to see the vengeance which he promises to apply as I give memory to the current hate of these head swollen rulers of a sick puppy class. The state medicade is keeping that program in the county as it ships the medicare cases to other counties.


With the “if you want to get away with murder come to Marion County” and “if I’d had of done this or that when I was younger I’d be picking myself off the ground” and similar sayings I look around and the probability that what is suspected is probably the truth. With April’s murder a lot has changed. A greater need to harass me away from a doctor who now partnerships a huge area of land buildings and a fenced in compound from where he operates. Now just who and why would a partnership be needed. That his daughter is a lawyer all the more. A you’d have to know God doesn’t lie, as scripture states you don’t stop a murderer and the murdering won’t stop. That’s sad as the recent reported death of a young man here has flooded the County with talk that he was murdered over a phone recording of law enforcement brutality that prompt his killing, but other than God who knows. The matter under investigation by the MBI or in their words the federal agency which works on behalf the state. They are also investigating the recent resignation and firing of officers with the city police department. So how much was April murdered over? Who knows, but major repairs are going on in Marion county currently.




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